58 Best Weave Styles for 2017

Hair weave is a process which gives volume or increases the length of your hair. It involves adding a hair piece to the real hair. Clips-ins, bonding, netting and tracking are some popular weave methods.Ancient Egyptians use to weave their hair.

The modern weaves are sew-ins, curls, bob, short, medium or long hair, braids, hair with bangs.

If you aretired of those short tresses then wearing your hair long is the best option. Leave your hair loose if you are short on time. Making a messy bun is fast and simple just as tying up the weaves in different styles of pony tail.


Color and highlight the bangs. It will never fail to attract attention. Tie your hair into a topknot for a formal evening party. Leave tiny curls kissing your face.

Hair attracts as much attention as your face. So select the most appropriate hair weave for you. Change your style time and again.When you present yourself from say crochet braid to a pixie bob you are bound to get the much awaited collective gasp.

Surprise your peers with heavy and thick curls in shocking colors and highlights. Out on a vacation?Wear thin elegant curls. Highlight them. Color them. Tie them. Braid them. Wear them loose. Put them on top in a pixie cut style or pull them away as a pony tail. Pin them up. Add colorful beads.

Choose from the chunky hair pieces if the vagabond in you wants to escape. Hair extensions and wigs add to your fashion statement.Hair weaves with bangs are awesome.

Wear straight weaves if you want to look tall. Use different colors to either highlight few strands of hair or color them full. Spread tiny bangs across your forehead for that natural look.

Be creative with the particular weave you are wearing.Part the hair in the middle or at the sides. Sweep them away from your forehead or spread few fringes. Weave a braid across the crown and leave the hair loose at the back.

Change to long bangs to cover your high forehead. Don’t forget the braids. Style yourself with them time and again. Try variety of colors from ombre to emerald green. Twist them, color them, and make your peers go ‘Aww’.             

Crochet hair weave is bohemian to the core.Wear crochet braids to stun the crowd. As from generations we know that it can be tried on natural hair. 

Try it on straight hair, waves, wavy hair, curls, even kinky curls, long hair, bobs and at the tips. Select from the new and popular style of braid weave.

There is an option to select from hundreds of sew-in braid patterns. These patterns are available as straight, wavy or curls in long, medium and short hair length. Sew-in braid patterns are also available with different kinds and styles of bangs.

Weave Afro curl or dreads to salute the African-American fashion.

Taking good care of the weaves is not a very difficult task. Shampoo the hair according to the texture and make.

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