Best Men’s hairstyles In 2017

2016 marked the arrival of many trends .It was the result of constant experimentation and creativity practiced by barbers all around the globe. 

The same is accompanied in 2017 with the need to introduce something new, something better and even the comeback of something old. Here, we present you the most trending hairstyles of 2017. 

When we talk about men hairstyle trends , the more natural and clean look adds up the charisma in men. Here we talk about the versatility that a hairstyle can give to thick ,thin , straight or  curly hairs.

The clipper crop: Those having minimal hair in the crown area can fashion this hair cut easily. It gives flipside hair thick and wavy look.

The gentle man cut: This hairstyle was pulled off by Ryan Goslings in the Oscar. As the name suggest it gives perfect gentlemen look. The look gives you a classy and tidy appearance. This look is mostly carried by Businessmen.

The classic Pompadour: For those having thick hair this hairstyle can be your gentlemen hairdo. The hairstyle is high with a receding hairline , adds volume to the hair yet remains classy.

The Sharp buzz: The hairstyle highlights the facial feature. This hairstyle grasps an instant attention .

The modern shag: The hairstyle suits best for mid-length hair. The hairstyle shows great results for those having wavy or curly hairs.

The Shaved head: If one is facing some serious baldness troubles then this is the perfect escape plan. Don’t think more just carry the look with confidence and you will ROCK it.

The textured scissor crop: The hairstyle goes well for those having straight hairs. 

Undercut fade: The cut is similar to a high fade haircut .Blurry  fade is added to the sides while the top is left with medium sized haired. With this look you can further carry the pompadour and Mohawk look.

Matte slick look can also be created using this cut by gradually blurry effects in the sides. Sometimes this cut looks better than fade look.

Mohawk Fade: This cut is gaining a lot more popularity. It works for every hair type be it wavy or straight.

Thick spikes +Low fade: The look is versatile. The sides are low faded and the spikes add volume to hairs giving it a new look.

Comb over fade haircut: The perfect mixture of hard part and textured styling makes it even more stylish than it looks.

Long wavy hair and undercut: The undercut is shaved keeping the forehead hairs long. The hair can be easily maintained .

Wavy Faux Hawk:Inspired from Mohawk hairdo this hairstyle have sides faded and the top hairs are kept slight wavy . The look increases the glam quotient 

Classic Side parted hairstyle: The haircuts keeps the traditional side comb parted hair with addition to some textures makes it different from the classic one. This is a ultimate classic hairstyle for men.

Side part and mild fade: The thing which makes this hairstyle versatile is cool version of the side combed along with side fading. It adds volume to the hair .

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