43 Sun-kissed Beach Curls Hairstyles for Women

Nature has always inspired people. Some embrace the nature for its kindness, some for its beauty and some just embrace it to feel lighter.

Beaches are a realm of nature where we get encounter relaxation and tranquil fun. In the upcoming lines, we will be discussing the various curl styles that a woman can wear to the beach, which have been inspired by the waves of the beaches, themselves.

Women with long hair have the virtue to mold the shape of their hair strands in any fashion that pleases them. One such fashion is of the waves curls that they can carry on to the beaches in pleasant weather.

The first hairstyle down the list that you can pretty elegantly carry with you at a beach is with your hair flung to a side of your shoulder, cut in layers, with light standing curls along the length of the hair strands.

The other hair style which you can adopt for a wavy, beach appearance is to have medium length hair (till your arm’s length), cut into waves, parted at the center, with slight curls at the end. It gives your hair a little rustic appearance.

Another thing which you can try with your long hair is the rigorous, stranding curls. It does not just add on to the volume of your hair but also shrinks its length which adds a little bouncy effect to them.

You don’t always need to show off your long curls by putting them loose. To enjoy a peppy beach outing, try the fish tail braid on one side of the head with 1-8th of your head’s hair, and leave the rest of the hair in full length, standing curls.

Bangs in long curls allow for wave like appearance of the hairs, so if that is what you are looking for, make sure you get your hair cut in long bangs before curling them out.

One particularly good thing about having shirt hair is that saves you from the heat of the beach. You can get the waves and curls for the beach to your short hair as well.

If the length of your hair is up to your shoulder, make them all align to the same length, with uneven partition of the hair at the scalp. 


Curl them towards the outer side in a standing fashion. This adds on to their volume giving them wave like stricture.

If your hair are shorter than the length of your shoulder, just curl them all out, and part tem at the maximum edge of the scalp. This would give the hairs at the topper (surface) level waves and density.

In order to get the curls that you desire for any length of hair, you can use the hair curling rods, rollers; blow dryer etc. all should give you satisfactory, wavy curls. 

Just make sure to take good care of your precious hair, protect them from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and sand at the beach. Rest, you are all ready to shine and surf.

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