38 Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

With ever evolving and mutating changes in trends, a new, and equally hot trend of haircuts have laid their strong roots in the world of fashion and style at the present age. One such trend is of the bald fade haircuts for men.

Most of us are aware with the concept of colors, bright, dim, the tints etc. the fashion and styling industry has remarkably used this knowledge in creating something worthwhile, and extremely eye pleasing

The  faded haircuts (especially for men), in which they usually highlight their hair by fading (dyeing the hairs with the colors similar to that of their skin) their hair at the extreme parts i.e. towards the neck line and towards both the ears. 

The faded hair cuts are of many types- low, high, mid, tem etc. in the following lines, we’ll be discussing more about a particular type of faded haircuts, known as the bald faded haircuts.

As the name defines it all, the bald faded haircut involves then men going bald. Yes you read it right, bald! The thought usually doesn’t please most of the minds. However, this might reduce the levels of anxieties that just rose within yourselves- men don’t completely go bald. 

The baldness is pretty partial; nevertheless, that’s what makes the haircut so unique in itself.

In this haircut, the head is divided into mainly four parts, the back, the top, the quarter part that leads the top of the head to the right ear (the right side), and the other quarter part of the head that leads the top of the head to the left ear (the left side).

The hair towards the extremes, i.e. at the back, the left side, and the right side are considerably lesser than the hair at the top, with the parts of the close to the both the ears and the neckline usually shaven off. 

This doesn’t just given the effect of hair fading away towards the ends, but also takes off the efforts of applying hair dye to the hairs from the list.

The hair at the top part of the head can be arranged in various fashions. For instances, they can be keep short, spiked, long, spiked and long, or can be trimmed considerably using a trimmer giving a wacky bald- like appearance, and yet having the volume of the hair a little more at the top. 

Various figure, such as straight lines, curvaceous lines etc too can be formed at the faded parts.

This growingly popular style usually suits men with average to heavy built. It even helps in highlighting your forehead, eyes and upper cheekbones.

Had you ever wondered how you would look if you went bald, but could never do it because of societal pressures or inconfidence within yourself. 

Perhaps now you have a road to walk down on, which you now know where would lead you. Get your keys and wallet, and run down to the salon to get the peepy cut.

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