42 Gorgeous Audrina Patridge Hairstyles

America is not only famous for its developed infrastructure and the scenic beauty, but also for the beautiful people who call themselves Americans.

One such personality is the actress from Los Angeles, Audrina Patridge, who has as beautiful hair as she herself is, and has managed to look stunning in all of her hair avatars.

Audrina Patridge is the actual change embracer. She has always had a hairstyle which is not only unique in itself, but is often contrary and free from her previous hair styles.

When it comes to talking about her long hair styles, the girl has had it all. From bangs to blonde, sexy to short, Audrina Patridge in the manual of hairstyles that exist.

 A few of her looks with the long hairs to capture, embrace and adopt are: the one with the long bangs, parted at the side, and blow dried to form waves;

the one with her hair parted at the center with straight- like bangs, and sitting curls at the bottom of the hair strands, the one with all straight hair, dyed to blonde color, the one with the blonde hair cut into bangs and waves, with sought curls, and the hair being parted at the center; 

the one with the straight and smoothened hair, parted at the center, the one with smoothened hair, being parted at the center, with light bangs, and light, broad curls, and the one with her hair cut into layers, and being parted at the center from the top.

The legally blonde (the musical) actress has had shorter hair as well, which she had carried with equal charm and beauty. 

A few of her hair styles with shorter hair to be acknowledged are: the one with her in large bangs, parted at the center, and rolled towards the inside at the bottom of the hair strands, the one with her hair been cut to the length of her neck with uneven curls, giving her a rustic look; 

the one with her hair dip dyed to blonde color and rolled a little towards the outer side from the bottom, being parted with a slant at the side, the one with her hair being unevenly cut into the bob cut hairstyle, parted at the side with the at the front being longer than the hair at the back… 

…and all her hair dyed to blonde color, this hair style in particular highlighted her eyes and gave her a pretty modern and fashionable outlook, and the one with classic curls pulled back, parted at the side from the top.

If at all we learn anything from Audrina Patridges’s hair styles is not to follow a trend but to set you own trends. However, if you are unsure about your creative abilities yet…

and wish to try something out of the box, she is the person whose looks you can’t just look up to, but also apply on to yourself. Just remember to feel happy and beautiful in who you actually are.

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