46 Stunning Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women

Bored of the look that you are carrying for past few months? Are you searching of entirely different look for this season? Then you are looking in the right place. Well, the answer is asymmetry.  

While asymmetrical hairstyle are gathering a lot of attention how come the bangs be left behind. Yes you totally get that right asymmetrical bangs have become quite popular this season. 

The bangs give a perfect blend of boldness and beauty. It adds a touch of daring in your personality and yet is totally wearable. Well this is just the matter of choice that what kind of length you want, what kind of vibe fits for you. 

You can say that this asymmetrical bang can be carried by any kind of hair. Be it thick or thin, straight or wave, so just name it.

So just to give a clear view about these bangs lets narrow it down to some basic categories.

Pixie Cropped:- The  pixie haircut has always been one of the favourites. Especially for the ladies who know how to pull a super short hairstyles. 

While adding bangs to them creates a whole new category of this pixie haircut. It looks trendy and elegant at the same times. Manageable and suitable for the girl on the run.

Long Asymmetrical bangs with Pixie haircut:- For those who are not willing to give up their long hair and still want a pixie haircut . This hairstyles is the perfect choice for them. For this they get to cheat a little bit. The look gives the pixie tough along with long sided asymmetrical bangs. The hairstyle is best suited for round faced girl.

Chopped Asymmetrical bang: – This hairstyle can do wondrous for those who are looking for medium length haircut. Both wavy and straight hairs can give an extra edge to this hairstyle. Accompany it with pony tail or braids or just keep it as it is, this hairdo can rock every look.

 Pixie cut with curly asymmetrical bangs :- Is your hair thick and curly ?? Are you looking for a hairstyle that can give you a COMPLETE makeover then this is exactly the haircut you are looking for

The traditional pixie cut along with side asymmetrical bangs just freshen up your look. It also gives a vintage touch to your hair and as they say it old is the upcoming new.

Micro Asymmetrical Bangs: Suited square shaped face. This look can give new dimensions to the hairstyles. The bangs go well with long and medium hairs. It enhances the facial property .the hairstyle is sassy and classy at the same time.

Fringe textured layered: Fringes have always been favorite from time to time. It goes with long or medium hairs. Adding bangs and that too asymmetric increases it oomph factor. This haircut will surely increase your style quotient.

Angled Asymmetric Bangs: The style is different from others in a way that it is angled in one side of the face and layering is given to the other side .The result is glamorous hair. The style can be customized with hair colors and you can have a complete different look.


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