Stunning Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women

Bored of the look that you are carrying for past few months? Are you searching of entirely different look for this season? Then you are looking in the right place. The answer is: The asymmetrical bob haircut.  

Asymmetrical hairstyles have been gaining a lot of attention and fanfare lately in the past decade or so with the asymmetrical bob hairstyle coming up on top of that list.  

The bangs give a perfect blend of boldness and beauty. It adds a touch of boldness in your personality and yet is totally wearable. Whereas the asymmetry adds the factor of variety and difference, setting you apart from the other more common bangs and bob hairstyles out there.

Asymmetrical bobs can be rocked by any kind of hair. Be it thick or thin, straight or curly, you can make it work well in this style. As for the kind of style or length, it is just the matter of choice as to what kind of length you want and what your vibe is. 

Let us have a look at some of the most common styles and types of the asymmetrical bob haircuts below.

Pixie Cropped:- The  pixie haircut has always been one of the favourite hairstyles for women. Especially for the ladies who know how to pull a super short hairstyles. Did you know you can pair a pixie crop with an asymmetrical bob to make it look absolutely stunning? Well now you do.

Long Asymmetrical bangs with bob haircut:- For those who are not willing to give up their long hair and still want an asymmetrical haircut, this hairstyles is the perfect choice for them. This i a great hairstyle for women with longer face shape or those aiming for something like a long bob.
Chopped Asymmetrical bob haircut: – This hairstyle can do wonders for those who are looking for a medium length bob haircut. Both wavy and straight hairs can gain an extra edge with this hairstyle. Accompany it with pony tail or braids or just keep it as it is, this hairdo can rock every look.
Colored Asymmetrical Bob haircut: Another great way to enhance your already stylish haircut to add some color to it. Asymmetrical bobs handle ombres and highlights really well. You can opt for subtle golden blonde ombres and highlights. At the same time, full blown blonde hair color styles also look great with asymmetrical bobs
Fringe textured layers: While we’ve already covered how well fringes look with asymmetrical bobs, a textured fringe or a layered fringe will take the haircut to the next level. You can try out layered bobs or fringe bobs but combining the two will account for some fantastic styles. Don’t feel shy to try asymmetrical bangs as well.
Angled Asymmetric Bob: The style is different from others in a way that it is angled in one side of the face and layering is given to the other side .The result is glamorous hair and is one of the most common and recommended styles of asymmetrical bobs that is out there. The style can be customized with hair colors and you can give your look a total makeover

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