46 Beautiful Anne Hathaway Hairstyles

Disney movies don’t just enchant us with their magical plot, but also reveal to us the epitome of beauty and grace. One such epitome of grace and beauty is the dark color haired, Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway has had numerous hairstyles, in which she has always managed to look no less beautiful and charming than what she was before. She has had all lengths of hair, ranging from long to short, to very short.

A few of her hairstyles with her long hairs were the one left loose with waves, and parted at the center. The other with a slight puff at the top, tied into a pony tail, with hairs being rolled towards the outer side from the bottom. 

The next hair style oh hers with the long hairs were the smoothened and glossed up hairs, parted at the center with large, broad curls at the bottom of the hair strands. 

The other elegant look of hers with long hair is the one with layers and fringes, parted from the side (fringes covering her forehead), and the hair being rolled towards the inside via a blow dryer.

Anne Hathaway looks equally beautiful in shorter hairs as well. A few of her ‘must imply’ hairstyles are the one with the bob cut, parted at the side, and the hair being followed down into waves; the one with her hair being cut into steps, parted at the side, and blew dried towards the outer side…

…the one with the ‘school going girl look’ in which she had her hair smoothened, and rolled towards the inside at the bottom, and the one with the bob cut with center fringes, that covered her forehead, that head to a center partition back, to the top of the center of the head with straight strands of hair.

Anne Hathaway has even embraced the look with shorter hair, and had us made in love with shorter hair even more with her looks. 

She has had her hair cut to the length of her neck line into fringes, the blunt hair cut, the one with the hair spiked in a slanting fashion into waves, the one with glossy hair being in close contact to the scalp, the one with layers, the one with fronted spikes, and the one with the classic boy and/ or man appearance (which she has totally made feminine with her confidence and charm)

Anne Hathaway has looked equally stunning with any length of hair strands, be it long, short or shorter. She has owned the each look she has kept, giving us more ideas about how to deal with our hair, as well as inspiring us to try something new, to try something that goes to all extremes.

If you are planning for a make- over, you can easily adopt any of her looks, and try making it your own. Perhaps you will discover something that was beyond the capability of the human beings to imagine yet. Just remember to feel confidence in whatever you wear.

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