26 Daring Amber Rose hairstyles

Amber Rose is a model and a former exotic dancer. She has a square shape of face and her hair color is bald. She became very famous and better known after dating an American musician Kanye West. She is well known for her very distinct hairstyle, she has her hair almost shaved and dyed blonde.

Shaved hairstyle isn’t for anyone. Very few people manage to look great in a shaved hairstyle but Amber looks great. She still looks very feminine and sexy even though she has very very short hair. 

Her head is very well proportioned and the blonde hair color matches perfectly with her beautiful skin. Her hairstyle actually enhances her facial features.

Before this shaved hairstyle, she had long and straight hair. Then the color of her hair was dark brown. She used to look gorgeous in that hairstyle also. She was also seen with long blonde hair and short hair as well. Such kind of hairstyle looks great on oval shaped faces and beautifully shaped head.

Amber Rose looks great with any hairstyle as she is very beautiful and looks incredible. So no matter what hairstyle she sports, whether it is shaved, medium, curly or long she will always look gorgeous. At the age of 19 she decided to shave her head and work as a stripper.

This is not easy for anyone to shave head in one go. Everyone give it a thought that ‘whether I will look good in shaved head or not? ’ . Even Amber, after shaving her head cried for few days but after sometime she realized that it looked dope.

She said that she was horrified when she looked newly shaved head in the mirror but then slowly and gradually she got compliments and became famous.

Amber shaves her head twice a week to maintain her signature look. Her head is very well proportioned and the blonde hair color matches perfectly with her beautiful skin

She is 28 year old now and is very happy with her hairstyle. She is a style icon for many people and has given a very different kind of look or hairstyle to follow.

You always need to trust yourself and your ideas, then only you can freely live your life. You guys just need to trust yourselves and go ahead with your creative ideas. 

When you will try something new then only you will experience new things and exactly know that where you stand, that will help you to move on and reach the steps of success. 

Never be scared to face any situation, always appreciate for what you do which will help in building your self confidence and is very important also, to represent yourselves in front of others.


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