43 Stunning Alessandra Ambrosio Hairstyles

In the world full of at least hundred million people who barely know each other, we do have a few names that are popular in all the areas of the Earth. One such name is of the Brazilian, Victoria secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio

Her bank account details are not what actually make her famous, but it is her charm and beauty that does all the work. The middle aged, wife, mother and model has been ruling over our hearts with the grace and elegance of her personality as well as hair. 

Alessandra Ambrosio , particularly with her long hair, has tied our attention to herself. The different ways with which she styles her hair, is actually what grabs our attention towards her.

She has been noticed with a messy, side plait, a low ponytail with center part, messy half up- do with side partition of the hair, and a loose, half pony tail when it comes to acknowledging her tied up hairstyles.

Apart from having tied up hairs, Alessandra Ambrosio  is also witnessed with loose hair on several occasion, all- straight, wavy and in curls. Usually when she has her hair straightened, they are parted from the centre, and are often in layers. Perhaps she does that because she has a long, face. 


The other thing that she does is she adds light bangs to her hair, especially at the front part of her hairs (as many- a- times she has been seen leaving the hairs at the side and the back all straight and smooth. It adds to the volume of her hair, giving them a little more density).

What I personally feel suits her best is the curls that she gets on to her hair. She is seen with wavy hairs which tend to give them a little curl as well, with the hair roughly parted at the centre. This can be duplicated by the women with thin hair or round faces with chubby cheeks.

Other types of curls that she wears are broad volume curls, long- uneven curls, curls with bangs (both center and side), and messy, standing curls with side partition- this last hair style helps her in looking younger and more carefree as it adds a little rough texture to her hair.

Another thing that she often does to her hair is highlighting them. The actual color of her hair is brown, but she uses the color of lighter hue and tone (golden/ blonde) to highlight them. 

If you look at her closely, you’d see that her eyes are a little small. The highlighted hair along with her eye make-up helps her in balancing her eyes size with her other features.

Ambrosio  is a great inspiration for women, especially the ones who are tied with family responsibilities. 

No matter what age group you belong to or what kind of hair you have, you can always look up to her, copy her and perhaps recreate a little of your own. Just remember to keep it comfy, simple and feel stylish, just like the Victoria secret model.

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