34 Handsome Adam Levine Hairstyles

Adam Levine is one of the greatest singers, songwriters and musician who always come up with the coolest hairstyles and most of the time he comes up with a short haircut. 

Some of the hairstyles that that he wears: Short spikey hairstyles, messy hairstyle, casual short straight hairstyle, short crew cut and many more. 

Many times Adam Levine has been seen with a messy haircut which is trending these days. This hairstyle can be easily styled by a wax or moulding gum and needs regular trims to maintain the shape of the hairstyle.


A messy style looks great on any length and type of hair -short or long, straight or curly. This style gives great look to some faces. 

Short spiked hairstyle is one of the hottest hairstyle which most of the time, suits a guy who is having a round face. This hairstyle is very famous and most of the men opt to style their hair with a spiked hairstyle.


This look also needs little product for hold and shine. In this hairstyle, back and side portion of the head are kept short like clipper cut for a clean look while the top length is kept long enough to spike up with a little bit of wax.

Formal hairstyle is also one of the hairstyles opted by Adam Levine. This hairstyle looks great on round faces and can best be described as tidy and well-organized ones. 

These hairstyles can be smooth, wavy or curly but are always neat and well groomed. These can be suitable for marriage or meetings.

Short crew cut is also one of his hairstyles. This is a type of haircut in which entire head is sheared, basically with an electric razor. 

The crew cut is also referred to as butch and does not originate from military. Now-a-days, not only the military people, but other men are also trying this haircut.

Adam Levine has tried short hair cut also and looks great in that short cut hairstyle as always. This is one of the most popular haircuts these days. 

Every guy can try this haircut as this hairstyle suits all type of face shapes. Short hair cut is the cut with little length. Having short hair is now generally the norm.

People can learn a lot from such celebs about how to style your hair whenever going out. You guys can learn and practice by seeing them so that you get perfect in making different hairstyles which are cool, beautiful and classy. 

Celebrities are those kind of people who can help you in making your style quotient better. You can also try making some styles by yourselves so that you can look different and unique amongst others. Always keep on recreating the things and keep on innovating new ideas.

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