49 Trendy Hair color highlights ideas

Hair color and highlights have become such a craze that it is not only gaining popularity but the hair stylists and the fashion conscious individuals are always experimenting with different new shades and color combinations.


The celebrities have a huge role to play in this craze as every time they step out on red carpet, they are seen with a new shade or a different combination.

Bored with the usual hair colors. Well, there are many options to choose from to make your hair loose the dullness. Get over the nearly impossible task of selecting the right color for your hair highlights. Compare your skin tone with any of the celebrity and go through her or his references.

Highlighting is a less aggressive type of dyeing.It imparts defination and dimension to your locks.It can make your hair look sun kissed or give heavy contrasts. Highlights can be nearly invisible or chunky.

Don’t get confused.There are endless options to try and choose.Make a choice based on your complexion and skin tone and let it bring out the eye color.

Use semi-permanent hair color for highlights if you are a kind of person who is always on a move in the fashion world. Permanent suits them best who have found their secret hair color. 

The latest highlighting trends are there for all hair color and all hair types. The women with long hairstyles can go for black to brown Ombre hair. If you are having black hair and have cut your hair with straight bob haircut then shine with the red highlights. 

Black haired women with shoulder length hair styles will look awesome with brown highlights. Having bob haircut then go for vivid Ombre highlights. This highlight look fantastic even on women wearing long hair.

Caramel is an excellent choice for highlights. They can be used by both the blondes and the brunettes equally, for that ravishing look. You can saturate your highlights according to the occasion, the hair color, the latest trend and your skin complexion. 

 Baby lights are the hottest hair color highlighting trend on the earth today. It is created to give our hair soft baby like dimensional color. They are very delicate highlights. 


They look awesome when done to match our skin tone. They can be very well created for any hair color or hair type.

The other hair color highlight trend which is driving the world crazy is the  ecaille highlights for hair. Ecaille is also called the ‘tortoise shell technique’. It uses golden highlights to make hair look unbelievably amazing.

Select best shade for your complexion, go through the celebrity references, choose the most flattering hair color for your skin tone.

Getting married? Let the highlights be tender. They can be subtle. Make full use of the delicious hues. You can use caramel on any basic hair color. Make your highlights distinct if you are attending some rocking party.

Look sophisticated. Wear exclusive hair color……There are eye popping shades which are fun to wear. Highlights not only bring the best of a hair style but also accentuate the layers.

Have fun with color……!!! 

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