110 Perfect Wedding hairstyles for Short haired Women

It’s your big day. You have everything set up: the dress, the makeup, the place, the music, the cake and every other little missing detail. The only thing you forgot about is your hair! Do you think that as you had short hair it would be simple to style and keep it that throughout the day?

For some people it may seem that way, and for others is much more complicated.  Here are some tips on styling your short hair, no matter what shape it is or how many layers it has. 

These are things you can apply in your daily routine, since there are simpler ways to style it, you can go and at a personal touch to your creation. 

A nice, simple updo can be a really cute and easy way to keep your hair out of your face, yet being able to keep it that way during the whole event. Just make sure that you bobby-pin that baby really secure to your head. 

You can still give it a little bit of a messy look without it falling apart after 1 hour. The great thing here is that you can customize it to your desired shape and put any kind of hair accessories you’d like.

Braids are really common in wedding hairstyles, especially if you want to give your hair a more of a younger look. You can’t discriminate between braids: French, dutch, three strand, four strand, fishtail, your choice. 

You can do as any as you’d like, in whatever direction you desire. Headband braids are a great option if you don’t want to wear any kind of hair accessory but still look elegant.

Now, as there are different types of hair is kind of mandatory to give some advice on how to handle it for this type of special occasion. 

If you have thick frizzy hair, a messy look can be your best choice because it doesn’t pull your hair back and shows all your frizz, but it makes it part of the hairstyle. For thin hair, you can do either of those since your type is more manageable. 

It’s necessary to talk about hair shapes. If your hair is too curly you might as well try to work with it instead of straightening it and damaging it, which can be really stressful. 

A good idea is to keep it simple and pin it back and add cute accessories like flowers and headbands. A wavy type of hair goes better with the messy look, while a really straight one can be your chance to have a more knit looking style. 

These ideas can also save you a lot of money since you won’t have to pay someone else to do it for you, which can lead to not really liking what you have; sometimes they can’t really understand what you really want to look like.  The goal hereis to create happy and nice memories of one of the most important days in a women’s life, and leaving the stress behind. 

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