48 Vintage Updo hairstyles

Some celebrities like to bring old school hairstyles to this modern age. And it really isn’t bad to look at! You can also try to do some other stuff yourself, and it will look totally flawless.


Gwen Stefani is one of the artists that really rocks that look, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t rock that too. Here are some ideas on how to wear vintage hairstyles and also some tips on how to keep it pretty and put together all day long.

First, the products and tools you’ll need. A comb, a teasing brush, some hairs spray/dry shampoo, bobby pins and hair elastics are the musts of this particular way of styling. 

You should take into account that this is not a high-maintenance look, yet you should be careful when you style it so you won’t get a lot of tangled hair or everything falling apart within an hour of going out.

The next step is to really detangle your hair, so it’s easier to put up. As you may already know that second day hair is always better for styling. But you can also go ahead and try any vintage updo in clean hair, and the results will be gorgeous as well. 

The color of your hair is also is something you might want to take into account: If it is too dark, little details won’t show up, and if it is too light any single bobby pin/hair elastic can be seen. 

There are some of the accessories that come in different colors so you can hide them. But if you can get your hands on those, just use the regular ones

You’ll also want to decide what style you want. Most vintage updos are done with a big, curled hair. Now, form here you can actually do a lot of things to it. 

You can start basic by twisting your entire hair into a French curl leaving a strand of the front section of your hair out, then after securing it in place can curl that piece and leave the curl ‘cupped’ and pin it to your head as well. This is your basic one, and from there you can really add your personal touch which it can be anything really!

The crucial thing here is to keep it vintage but also a bit modern, so you don’t look like you literally came out of a 1900s movie. You should feel comfortable with your hair and be able to style it however you want. 

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are your owns stylist, and it’s better to try new things by yourself sometimes. With these tips there’s a big possibility that you’ll succeed at your first try, since it is a really simple and classy way to spice up your look every once in a while.

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