39 Viking hairstyles for men and women

Viking hairstyle signifies a powerful personality and showcases the fearless warrior in you.This hairstyle can be best described as a combination of long and short hair, shaved and thick or long hair, or all of the above.

The side braids are still present and the messy hair around face allows her to show her emotions.This hairstyle gives her the look of power and stability.
Some seriously killer Viking ispired braids is what to try on with the summer  heat approaching.
This represent irrevocably warrior women of our culture.The detailing in this harstyle is absolutely incredible.


This braid absolutely screams Viking. Closely braided braids running along the sides of the scalp creating a truly gorgeous hairstyle that is perfect for any Viking queen.



If you love braids and open hair and bouncy with freedom of loose hair then why not try this half head Viking braid to satisty your taste.



Lagertha’s hairstyle from Vikings is to die for. You need long hair to be this shield maiden and this side braid adds the hotness to the personality.This hairstyle can make any girl look like Viking royalty.




High crown braided Viking hairstyle adds the drama and princess look.It creates a fearsomestyle and balances very well with it’s equal parts rugged and beautiful.



Farming braids, Fury braids, complex detailing that this Viking hairstyle offers makes any ordinary person stand out as extra ordinary and adds certain sophistication to the look.




Viking hairstyle has detailing which is so cool and makes a women look elegant, very feminine,  while maintaining her signature style.





Her hair reflects how complex the life has become but it is still beautiful and ready to rock the world.




The Viking stylish and fuss-free baby hairstyle is very easy and will require shaving at the side and trimming on a regular note withe the braid flowing down. This showrt Mohawk look with beard channels your inner Viking.




The Viking hairstyle is not for the timid and traditional.To carry this hairstyle you need an attitude of a  real life Viking and you are ready to time travel to the 8th centuries where Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders raided and settled in many parts of Europe.




The top hair is long and flowing, while the temples are shaved and closed to the skin is the look if you prefer a tamer and more manageable Viking hairstyle.

This Toned down version of Viking hairstyle with a modern twist is best to if you want to be a trend setter-Simple yet notorious.A man with long hair must definitely try this hairstyle.

This hairstyle you can carry everywhere you go. It is stylish, simple and hair length is the key to create the one. It combines the attitude texture and length to be an impressive package.


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