Undercut and beard is a match made in heaven because they make a seriously bold statement and sexy look for most men out there. Sure, it takes the right kind of confidence and attitude to grooming to pull off the look but when done right, the style speaks for itself.

This undercut hairstyle is a very modern haircut and one of the most popular haircuts for men in the past decade. Whether it be hanging out with your boys or suiting up for formal occasions, the undercut goes equally well for most occasions, hair textures and face shapes out there.

For the hairstyle, the sides and the back are kept very low either by fading it to the skin or shaving the sides and a longer length is kept on top. Pair it with a good square beard and this can make for a very handsome, modern and sexy look.

The key rule in growing beards is that they need to be cleaned and groomed regardless of the shape and size of your beard. Do that and pair it with a nice undercut and you’re bound to look good

If you have thick hair and beard, make sure to keep it trim regularly because otherwise, you will either quickly lose the squareness that these styles provide or look really shabby and we don’t want either of those two scenarios.

A classic undercut like one with very short and clean sides and a long groomed top, pairs effortlessly with both stubble size beards and well as fuller beards.

Men with good beards or those with a rounder face can also try a full beard along with the undercut. The full beard lets you add a lot of weight to your chin and let’s the underside of your beard be that much more squarer. And the shorter sides provide the perfect contrast between the full beard and the haircut too well

The undercut is not restricted just for straight hair. Men with curly or wavy hair can try equally good styles like the ones below. The undercut hairstyle emphasises the texture and movement of hair giving it a very natural flow.

Although the undercut hairstyle has gained prominence in the past decade, it is actually a style that has been in existence right from the vintage times. It imitates the 1940s dapper look as well as the German haircut during the World Wars.

The undercut + beard style is both super comfortable and super versatile. You can opt for different lengths of fade, different styles of fade and different styles of beard. Considering all the permutations and combinations, your options are only limited by your creativity.

A well groomed beard will always make you stand out from the crowd and make you centre of attraction if paired perfectly with the right hairstyle. So if you haven’t tried this combination then it’s time you do so.

We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this list of undercut styles + beard styles and picked up some nice inspiration for your next cut. I hope you enjoy some of the bonus styles below too because we know how hard it can be finding the right hairstyle that ticks all your boxes and suits your face shape and personality. Until next time!