44 Stunning Two Tone Hairstyles

Two tone hairstyles are sexy, subtle, romantic, dramatic, sophisticated. This hairstyle is for all age groups and is revolutionising idea for 2017.This is very interesting and creative look. There’s nothing wrong to be little more experimental and unconventional.This hairstyle suits short. medium and long hair. The dark red-brown and shades of grey with the funky long Mohawk reflects the amazing grey hair trend in 2017.

This multi toned caramel balayage suits the best whether your hair is curly, layered or straight.

Blonde ombre for short hair gains texture a luminous blonde shade and makes you look super chic.

This Pixie cut packed with wispy short layer wigs shows off a tapered neckline with full bangs to add great volume.

Two toned Strawberry pink cream hair is perfect colour combination this summer.It looks beautiful on short bob haircuts.

Adding sweet caramel highlights at the ends enhances the look with blond hair which has always been most attractive hairstyle for women.

The ombre colours have made our hairstyles wonderful and give many options to choose from.
While selecting the colour one must consider the skin tone and the colours of the eyebrows to highlight your best feature. The silver grey highlights at the bottom uplift this look. Medium length hair is best for this hairstyle.

The darker colour is further away and light colours appear brighter so you get the 3D effect from the dark blonde to white blonde hair.The colours are very prominent if curled and soft waves are created.

Ombre colours for extra long hair adds a story to their look and extra interests and movement to look fuller and dramatic.

This long bob is very popular among the girls who want to create their very own hairstyle and is fantastic to try and incorporate this season.

Silver to blue ombre hairstyle is perfect for those girls who are not bold enough to wear a blue hairstyle. This hairstyle goes well with the shoulder length hair.

This hairstyle sets an example of how to carry different colours and look stylish and trendy at the same time. The warms colours like copper, orange red are very hot this season so why not try!

This is the reverse ombre look with blood red highlights at the bottom. This conventional ombre hairstyle is totally creative and makes you stand out from the crowd.


This pastel pink or rose pink looks beautiful on this long straight hair crafted with some layers.

The dark purple hairstyle styled into soft, big curls will make any dream come true. It satisfies their desire to look mature and sophisticated.

This two toned black and white hair colour idea is perfect for this messy updo. This look is extremely stylish with long, highly textured tips with the regular ponytail.

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