50 Stylish Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women

No one in today’s scenario and this modern world has all the time and energies to maintain those, traditional long hair, how lucrative and tempting they may seem. What is trendy is to have shorter, yet elegant shoulder length hair cuts.

These shoulder length haircuts are easy to wash, comb and maintain, above all you pay less for your hair spa and hair colour appointments at the salon. No long hours at the showers to shampoo your hair, no spending hours in combing those tangles.

 You won’t have to spend hours in deciding what to do with your hair, nor would it take too long to dry them when you are rushing for that last minute planned party!

The hair cut is apt for all attires and occasions. Tie them high as a pony for a sporty look. Iron them straight for a fringy look; the curls go apt to make them look very feminine. Half tie them for a sweet appearance   and band them up for a cutie feel.

Shoulder length  hair make easy yet graceful  hairstyles that team up perfectly with spectacles. They look very sophisticated with  buns fitting best with all outfits.  Or simply tie one side of it to suit your tunic or top look.

A blessing in disguise!

There would be many who would frown or feel helpless the moment the word hair-fall is spoken about, especially during the humid rainy season Here the shoulder length haircuts come across as a blessing where despite being thin, we can work on them and give them a fluffy, volumenised look.  Doing all hair-fall treatments is very affordable and doable with those shorter hair.

Your style your attitude!

Shoulder length hair styles aren’t just limited to the plain simple look of having hair up till your shoulder, there is a lot of tweaking around that can be done to match your personality. 

You can choose to be as simple as water or can be all gaga with the fringy hair colour and streaks.  You can be all messy yet gorgeous, all traditional yet classy!

So next time when you have to decide on a haircut that will last longer than a month and would be able to give you a different look every time, you surely know which one to look for…..

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