36 Interesting purple highlights hair color ideas

Purple-The colour of royalty is so much fun.It was once the colour for wealthiest and most respected and admired and in today’s world it is the colour full of fun and experimental.

To really pop the purple colour one must select depending on their skin tone. 
If you have darker hair colour, then go for darker purple as opposed to the pastel shade.Bleaching is unavoidable when you want to attain this kind of look so make sure to use sulphate free and hydrating shampoo a week or two before you make an appointment to the salon.

This pink and purple highlight is to die for.It is edgy as on long tresses.

This pinkish purple highlight is highly trending this season, especially for the mermaid hairstyle. The purple highlights are adding that extra edgy punch to these bangs.

Purple and blue highlights look astonishing on women with fair skin compared to the darker skin as these cold shades may not look very flattering.

Dark hair with purple stripes is a good way of experimenting without dyeing your hair completely.
If you want a minimalistic look with some classiness and they one should definitely try these highlights.

Streaks of purple ombre highlights with black look stunning on few tresses.The intensity of the colour grows as it deepens the hair.

Blonde locks with purple tint is a very sophisticated look for a classy woman and look more intensified if given soft curls at the bottom.

If you a beginner in trying the purple colour on your hair then this is THE look one must go for. Simple, classy, vibrant and gives very subtle and effortless texture to your appearance.

This is a very refreshing look. A gradual purple highlight to platinum like blond hair is a must to opt for among your top choices.

Try this shade of electric blue-purple to get the dramatic look change and you are bound to get many heads turn around to get a glimpse of this look.

This burgundy purple hairstyle goes very well with brown hair. This look is very sweet for the girls looking to meet fall in style.

Red purple highlights on brown hair is definitely a way to go try a creative look.

This look of blonder with purple ombre remains the top preference if you really want to try some truly unique look.

This electric shade of purple with the straighten hair is bound to attract the envious look.

This is what is called a DIVA look. Very stylish, classy and makes you stand out from the crowd.
Girls with sharp features can go long way carrying this look.

This is a very cool combination of electric blue pink and purple. something very out of the box to go for.

Silky golden brown hair with purple highlights makes each other pop in all their intensity.

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