21 Stylish Portia De Rossi hairstyles

Portia De Rossi is very famously known as Australian actress, model philanthropist and in addition as a partner of Ellen Degeneres.

Women with short hair must try this look to create something different and can be done in few minutes.This hairstyle looks very sophisticated and sexy in a short wavy hairstyle.

This short straight hairdo can give a very formal look. This is very simple sexy hairstyle and easy to manage.

This hairstyle compliments very well to the round face for any given occasion.

This cute cropped pixie cut gets cuter and cuter with the flippy layers at the back of the neck.

                            This look is very solid, professional and notorious at the same time.

The long straight casual with few waves added around the side and side section gives an extra volume to the look. This look works well with medium to long hair.

A strong hold product is required to maintain this waves and regular trim will further help maintain a healthy look and feel. The opposite side is tucked neatly behind the ear to give this look an asymmetric finish look.

This buttery blonde shade looks very cool with pink undertone. These blonde highlights would make this shade more flattering so keep in mind this skin tone.

This short highlighted and teased at the roots with sleek hair swept back looks fabulous for a glamorous occasion.

This is a great hairstyle to carry on any award function and you are ready to rock and roll and make hearts fall for you. This is the perfect example of how minimal makeup can make you look younger and vibrant.

This beautiful hairstyle when smoothed back and on the side, while the top is teased and styled gives the contrast and shape to the overall look. It compliments well on round face.

The sweeping thick bangs falling on the forehead creates a style statement and yet looking very mysterious and sexy. This look enhances any oval face shape fantastically.

This is very cute and adorable hairstyle since Portia De Rossi cut her hair, making her look adorable.The small tweaks really suit her and are just right at the right place to show off her neck line and make her features really pop up.

Anyone having heart or apple shape face like Portia De Rossi. This sleep and short style with hair on side works wonders as far as your hair is healthy.Keep some softness using the hydrating cream on wet hair with a serum to keep the flyaways from your face.

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