124 Latest Pixie Haircuts for Women

It has got the name thanks to the forest fairies considered to have such short hair with a longer top.

No doubt it is extremely convenient, especially for agile and active women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it without hesitation. 

Even though somebody might say that it isn’t so feminine on the first glance, there is no denying that it can be very sophisticated and elegant. 

If styled correctly and worn with a proper dress it surely can be feminine and sexy as well. 

The fact is that it is a popular style among many celebrities, and if they can look glamorous so can you. And the best part is that it is suitable for any hair type and can look good on any face shape. 

Short hair accentuates your face so you should consider what features you want to emphasize. 

For example, extra short pixie works best on women with big eyes and delicate features while tapered pixie with elongated bangs suits better to the round faced women. 

Here are some of the styles we liked best.

Pixie wedge is great for adding volume to thin hair and is also slightly different than a regular pixie, and it surely won’t go unnoticed.

Classic pixie is precisely that – a classic. It’s edgy and timeless with its short sides and back, and longer top.

If you are looking for something that is not so extremely short and want some more elegance to it, you should definitely try a pixie bob.

Just like any bob, it’s always in trend and it will give you an advantage if you decide to grow your hair afterwards with its longer front part.

For those of us who are always late, messy pixie is super stylish and chic, plus it doesn’t require almost any time to create. Simply go through your hair with a bit of pomade on your fingers.

Another contemporary hairstyle is a spiky pixie with long fringe. Apply some hair gel on the layers with your fingers pulling upwards and leave the fringe to fall over your eyes. So stylish!

Asymmetrical pixie with an undercut is such a cool way to show off the best of your round face and soft facial features. 

Curly hair and pixie?! YES! Believe it or not, those two go perfectly well together. With a good cut you don’t even have to worry that it will lose its shape while growing!

If you combine your pixie with a balayage, ombre, highlights or some daring hair color, you will surely stand out from the crowd, so go ahead and experiment!

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