37 Party Hairstyles For Long Haired Girls

Preparing for a party requires choosing a proper hairstyle. One that looks chick but effortless, so it doesn’t spoil the essence of partying. You should have fun and stay relaxed instead of thinking if your updo will stay in place or be ruined. 

You can compliment your look with a flower, headband or some other simple accessory. 

One of the simplest updo’s is wavy chignon which is perfect for fine hair. Create a short side part, tease the crown and secure a low ponytail with an elastic. Tease it to get some more volume and wrap around your fingers in a bun. Roll it up and pin in place.

Braid lovers should definitely try our two-in-one braid. It works well on wavy as well as on a straight hair. All you need is texture. Start by teasing top section of hair. After that create a French braid to the base of the neck and then continue with fishtail braid. Pull out some sections of the hair around your face and loose the braids for a messier look. 

You can create a very chick look by simply curling your hair slightly and leaving it down. If this hairstyle is accompanied with a choppy bangs, you will definitely be noticed without a lot of effort.

For straight hair, an ideal and sexy hairstyle is a sleek low ponytail. All you need to do is make a side part and brush your hair into a neat ponytail. And you’re ready to have fun!

If you like voluminous and curly hair you can blow dry your hair curling it with a large round brush. Create a side part, teasing the crown if needed and curl your hair away from face. Finger comb the curls and set with a hairspray. 

Bouffant is another stylish and trendy hairstyle. The essence of it is the teased crown section. Brush your front part of the hair back to cover it, secure in a ponytail with an elastic and your bouffant is done!

Top knot or high bun is one of the most practical hairstyles for any occasion. Brush your hair into a high ponytail. Wind it into a round shape and secure with bobby pins. You can either make it sleek or messy by pulling out some strands around the face and at the nape. 

Waterfall braid is another cute and fun hairstyle. To start take two sections of hair at the front, cross them away from face. Now take a new section from top of your head and let it fall over that crossed section that is on top and between that one and the one below. 

To continue take the bottom section and another section of hair from top. Now the bottom section will be on top. Continue this process until you make the full circle around your head. There is your very own waterfall!

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