52 Messy Updo Hairstyles

Here is one great news for all of us who just can’t make a perfect updo, whether it is so because of our frizzy hair or lack of skills: messy hairstyles are super trendy this season!

It is worn on the street as well as on the red carpet, wedding and proms. With low buns, knots, braids, twists or simply pinned curls you can’t go wrong. 

Messy hairstyles give that soft, feminine and effortless look of a natural beauty. What is even better is that you don’t have to try so hard to look good anymore! 

There are so many hairstyles you can choose from and at least the half of them can be made at home, by yourself. The perfection is precisely in its imperfection, so there is no reason to stress out if your hair won’t stay in place or you have fly-aways.

We present you some of them we liked the most.

Low rolled bun is beautiful in its simplicity and practicability. It can literally be worn everywhere, any time of day or night. It works well on any type of hair, just add some texture by teasing or dry shampoo if your hair is thin. 

Collect your hair in a low ponytail, leaving some strands surrounding the face for a messy look, and roll it in. Secure with some bobby pins and you are ready to go!

Another chick but casual hairstyle is high messy bun. Secure your hair in a high ponytail again, but don’t pull out the final loop – leave it halfway through and envelop the elastic with what is left outside the bun. Voila! 

In case you want to add some creativity in this hairstyle, you can French braid one side of the hair before securing it in a ponytail.

One more stylish yet convenient hairstyle is low knot with a central braid. Braid your hair on the center of the head and on the nape secure it in a loose knot. And that’s all! 

Messy waterfall is charming as well as sophisticated. Curl your hair and pin it on the side leaving again a few strands around your face for balance. You can add some hair decoration for supreme look. In case you want the hair off your neck you can simply pin the curls up.

If you want something less formal you can keep your pinned locks close to the center of the head so you will get Mohawk-like appearance.

Remember to keep things messy and fun!

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