54 Loose bun hairstyles

Buns are the one of those rare hairstyles that flatter almost anyone. It is classy, elegant and can make an everyday look chic without too much effort. You can wear it on top of your head, low on the nape or on one side – tight, loose, messy or sleek.  Whichever you choose you can be sure that you will look stylish. Find the one that will reflect your personal style and be appropriate for the occasion. 

We all know that after the whole day of wearing a tight high topknot our scalp is crying for relief. That is why loose buns are better, they make you feel more comfortable while still achieve that stylish look of a bun.  

If you want your messy but to be perfect be sure to use these tips: 1. Choose the right styling products such as mousse with volumizing agent and hairspray, 2. Make sure to have a comb to get rid of the bumps and eventual teasing for extra fine hair, 3. Have a rubber band or a sock/donut for a perfectly round shape.

You can create the bun in a few easy steps. First, grab your hair in a ponytail. Second, pull it through a sock/donut or a rubber band and twist outwards. Third, after rolling it up secure it with a few bobby pins. For a messier look pull out some small sections of the hair where you feel needed.

There are oh-so-many ways you can personalize this hairstyle. For example, you can try out tying one of your scarf around it. If your hair is frizzy you can pin it in place with some bobby pins and pull up the front section to get some volume, and you will achieve a messy look worth showing at some gala event. 

If your hair has nice and tight curls, you can leave few of them out at front and the back of the nape. Adding bangs or some hair accessories can make it softer and more romantic as well. To make your bun unique combine it with a fishtail braid on the sides. 

Or, instead of one bun, try making three little ones on your nape. Pull out some of the hair in front or leave some sticking out of the buns itself. One of popular trends of today’s fashion is definitely a messy side bun. 

Create big curls, go through your hair with fingers to separate them and then swirl it in a low bun on one side. Pull each section a bit up so it’s not too tight and you are done! 

If you have fine and straight hair and want to achieve a full messy topknot, be sure to backcomb your hair after you have made a ponytail. After that just wrap it up and your topknot voluminous bun is ready.

One last tip: play with your hair and don’t expect it to be perfect. That is the beauty on the loose. 

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