21 New light brown hair color ideas for women

Dyeing you hair a different color can sometimes feel a little intimidating, especially if you’re in the mood for a really different color.

A lot of brunettes want to be blonde, while others prefer something not that radical and just change it to a little more of a light brown color.It’s commonly known that dyeing your hair damages it and keeps it really dry.

 Now, the following tips will give you an idea on what you do before, during and after dyeing it so you will end up with the result you want. 

Previous to actually getting the color decide if you want to do it yourself, or if you want a professional to do so. If you’ve done it to yourself before, then it’s a good idea to self-dye your hair. 

If not, as a starter on this world is better to have a professional to dye it, and maybe later learn a little bit more on how it works so you don’t have to go to the hairdresser’s all the time. 

This is a great time to also decide what shade you want. There are different variations of the light brown, depending on the brand. Another thing you might want to know now is if you’ll dye your entire head with one color. 

A bayalage with these particular color looks amazing! As this process damages your hair, try to get your hands on a brand that uses more organic products. 

During the process of actually dyeing it, you might want to be constantly checking on the color, since it will be more difficult to re-dye it and it will damage it a lot more. If you’re with a professional, make sure you tell him exactly how you want it to turnout.

In terms of how to take care of it after you have your new color, it all depends on your type of hair. If you really want to keep the color longer, you might want to wash it less often which can work for people that don’t get to greasy after a few days of not washing it. 

If you have really dry hair because of the color, you can try to use a moisturizing treatment every once in a while. Avoiding using heat equipment on your hair is a great idea to keep it healthy and soft. Try some overnight curls, and avoid straighteners.

It’s good to change your style every once in a while, since it boosts confidence and self-esteem. It only matters if you’re happy with what you have. 

And if you want to change it, that’s totally up to you. Just read all the ingredients in the package and/or be sure that your hairdresser is trustworthy. Other than that, have fun and just be yourself!

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