33 Latest Hipster haircut for women

If you are, or want to be a hipster it means among other things, that you value independent thinking, and have distinct taste for fashion. This includes hairstyles as well.

Proper hairstyle can either complement or completely ruin your appearance. Fortunately, there are countless hairstyles for hipster girls that you might want to try out. What is best about them, and probably most important to you as a hipster is that they are easy to make while being unique. 

If you have curly hair trendy Mohawk is a great choice whether you leave it as it is or braid it . Many famous celebrities have worn it and are still wearing it. 

Top section is overflowed with tight curls while sides are closely shaved. Now, it you are not so daring and have a long hair, you might want to keep to something more romantic but make it unique with a blend of colors. Such as long wavy hairstyle for example. 

You can complement this look with a styled hat or dramatic makeup. If you like wearing headbands you can make any hairstyle gorgeous, try mixing it with some updone updo like messy braids, ponytails, buns and knots. 

This sophisticated look is a go-to if you are going to some formal event but still want  to keep your style and not blend in with the crowd. Braiding is perfect for straight hair! You can style one loose braid, or a fishbone, or create two braids on the sides of your head.

There are also French pigtail braids. The options are limitless! For more edgy hair you can highlight your hair in vivid colors. If your hair is short there is a pixie cut or ever stylish short bob. Wear some trendy glassed or bold makeup with it. 

One of the most popular hipster accessories is surely a Bandana headband. It can be tied up in many different styles and you can wear them on any hair length. Instead of using a headband you can make it by creating a long braid and placing it over your forehead. 

For long, wavy or curly hair layers work perfectly. Sides and front of the hair can be highlighted in some bold colors for more dramatic look. Twisted hair pullbacks are great for making a trendy hipster hairstyle with a little effort.

Just pull the sections of your hair, twist them and pin in place at the back of your head. Wavy ponytail with some expressive hair color, like red for example, is another effortless look. 

If you like messy and carefree hairstyles, rock a beach waves with headband of your choice or make two braids on both sides, above the ears, and knot them at the back to prevent from unweaving.

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