47 Cool Gwen Stefani Hairstyles

The Hollaback Girl has done a lot of great stuff to her blonde hair: Long, short, curly, straight, buns, ponytails… you name it. But her style is something really curious, since is not your normal celebrity look.

She definitely takes it up a notch and always gives her hair a unique touch. Her color is also something special: It’s not way too bright yellow, yet not too bleached white. 

One thing at should say (after basically worshipping her hair more than her) is that a lot of the hairstyles she wears, are most likely to be done by a lot of people, without taking into account the hair length. 

Obviously, there are some that look better with short hair, and same way with long hair. My point is that she can be a great inspiration if you’re feeling kind of self-conscious about your hair, since she pulls whatever she does with a lot of confidence.

For example, her iconic quiff is an unforgettable thing, since she has rocked this style many times during red carpets. But, you should ask yourself: Is that something I’ll be into? Probably not since you require a lot of time/effort to do so, and time is something we all hairstyle geeks appreciate saving.

Back in the day, she used to have more crazy looks (she even dyed it pink!), while now she keeps it a lot edgier and classier. She’s all about the pony tails and the half-up half-down situation, and I have to say I like this Gwen Stefani more than de 2000 pigtail version

Another thing to point out is that she never looks out of style, and is not like the celebrities you know that style their hair in a certain way, since she always mix it up a bit and always has the same result: looks flawless no matter what.

Gwen always makes a statement with her looks, and this is something I really appreciate. The message here is that, no matter what kind of hair you have, you can try and do most of the hairstyles and get away with it.

All you might need are some bobby pins and hair elastics (sometimes a good old natural ingredient dry shampoo can save you). She doesn’t have a lot of hair accessories such as hair bands or clips, but if that’s your thing, then go ahead! 

You should never feel like you have to look like someone else or to have your hair in an exact same hairstyle as your favorite celebrity.  

I hope you get inspired by her different phases of hairstyles, and that if you give them a try you pull them out with a lot of confidence and pride.

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