42 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles for Women

Women always struggle with having their hair on their face. And obviously everyone knows that ponytails are the best way to stay fresh and looking knit in a hot summer day, but they can be really plain and flat. 

So, to really change things up and help you with some ideas to update your pony tail game you’ll receive some of the most useful tips and tricks to really enhance that pony every day of the week without looking the same over and over again.

Before anything, you have to acknowledge that a pony tail is not always meant to be really knit and without any frizz. Sometimes your hair doesn’t want to cooperate in looking a lot more put together in the morning, and you just don’t have time to handle it. 

That’s why a messy hairstyle is something that as well as being on trend, it helps you look cute and simple but not boring. 

Now, let’s go over some of the basics. 

You should take some time into choosing the best hair elastic that suits your hair. For thick hair is always better to go for a material that doesn’t stretch that much and doesn’t feel too tight. 

While with thinner hair is better to get one from a really elastic material that helps you loop it several times around our hair so you hold it safely. 

The most common change in a basic pony is probably when you take a piece of hair that is either plain and brushed or braided, and you wrap it around the start of the pony so you can hide the elastic. 

Another one that has become really popular is the Ariana Grande half-up half-down look, and is correct to say that a lot of people have made several variations of it.For a more out of the box look, braid your hair when it’s already being held by the pony, so you have this flawless braid that comes out of a simple and great looking pony tail. 

To keep on with the half-up concept, here’s an idea: Braid the top of your head until you reach a point near the crown, then take everything and hold it in a ponytail, and that’s it! 

You can absolutely add some hair extensions if you wanted to, especially if you want to give more volume to this look. Having really big and thick is never too much for having a pony, so start testing different ways to put it together and just have fun! 

You must always remember to pull the pony a little tighter than you usually do, because gravity will make you pony get looser throughout the day. By doing that, you prevent the whole pony from falling apart too quickly. 

Take some time to really explore your hair and decide what kind of hair elastic is better for you, and how you can use your hair to change things up a bit! 

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