Exotic Chinese Bob Haircuts for Women

Bob haircuts are one of the most popular haircuts ever. They are worn by almost all age groups and if Cosmopolitan magazine is to believed, bob haircuts are one of the top five popular haircuts opted by women for quite a few decades in a row now. 

With such popularity of the bob haircut, it is but obvious that it comes with a lot of different styles, cuts and lengths. One of such styles that we are going to talk about today is the Chinese bob hairstyle. You’ve seen a lot of women wear this cut but you didn’t know what it was called, until today. And well now you do.

The chinese bob haircut adds a stylish bluntness to the bob cut with some blunt bangs and ends. Giving it an oriental yet modern look. It is a non-layered, straight cut with the bangs ending just over the eyebrows or in some instances even covering up the eyebrows and falling over the eyes.
Teens, middle aged as well as older women can carry off the chines bob haircut well and it is not restricted to one particular age group as such. It is an  easy-to-style, easy-to-maintain and an ever attractive style.

There are further sub-styles within the chinese bob itself too. You can experiment with different lengths and cuts. You are free to try a short, medium or long cut with it. A shorter cut can be something like an A-line bob ending above the neck, whereas a longer style would be something like a lob ending well near the shoulders.

Not only the lengths but you can also opt for a variety of textures and colors too. Bold shades of blonde, reds and brown go fantastic with the chinese bob styles. Also while traditionally the chinese bob haircut was designed keeping straight hair in mind, we’ve seen some interesting variations of wavy and curly textures as well.

One very famous style of the chinese bob haircut is with the ends curled up just under the chin. Think of it as giving a look such that the hair looks convex near the center. This adds a good roundness to the style and is a great style for women looking to add some volume to their cut or roundness to their face.

The chinese bob can make you look like the cute-girl-next-door but with the right shade and style can also make you look red carpet ready like Victoria Beckham below and that is where the true versatility of the style lies. We’ve added a few more styles below to give you a better idea of different variations of the chinese bob cut. We hope you pick some as an inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

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