47 Exotic Chinese Bob Haircuts for Women

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, bob haircutsare one of the most popular style as opted by many, for a hundred years for now.

It has created many varieties within itself, bases on length, texture, layers etc. among which all styles, Chinese bob haircuts are the most popular and favourite one. 

It is non layered one among them in its kind. As was done for Chinese girls, it is well suited for round shaped faces. It made them absolute beautifull and attractive.

These Chinese bob styles maintain its lovers at all age groups. Teens, middle aged as well as old aged ones carry off bob haircuts. Nobody can call it an old fashion thing ever. The best reasons are , it is an easy-to-create as well as easy-to manage style, also prepare you to be seen attractive too.

Chinese bob haircut makes you able to create any kind of an outlook. It gets done in various lengths and all gives entirely different outlook. ‘Chinese short bob’ is a 2015 style, in which hair is kept like a ball round your head. 

Cute girls be even more cute. It is best suitable for round faced ones. But later came varieties give choices over it. It has won catching attention onkids to teens group.

For 2016 ‘Chinese chin length bob’ started being favourite by many. As hair is maintained lengthy, it is a good choice for thosewhom shortening of hair bothers badly.

Ideas on different kinds of bob haircut list go down like Chinese straight bob, Chinese fine bob, Chinese dark bob and so. Bob styles always keep you girlish and cute at an extend also classy, elegent, at the other extend. 

What about trying a sexy hot look too! A Chinese haircut would be the best recommentation.You looking girlish today gonna look tomorrow the hottest but anytime ready for an official event too.


Bob styles not only help you to be seen prettier, but also keep you anytime ready to go anywhere. Time management is a nice idea, right? So this is a timeless hairstyle for you.

Its always hard to keep your hair for summer days. Every girls must have suffered from their hair being irritable over sweat. Bob haircut do the best to pass a summer season. You be cool all the time.

 Chinese bob cuts make big differences with hair colors also. Both blonde and dark colored thick bob cuts were some among the most demanded haircuts of times not too long ago. 

Would you like to get a tomboy look? Why don’t you  make a childish look? Its upto you but the way is a bob haircut. Depends on your personality and mood you can get it done. 

It’s a big change you are going to have with this for sure.Is there anybody don’t wanna look the different  hence special one among their friends. Ofcourse No! All you may be wanted to do is, choose to be different. 

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