24 Interesting Braided Bob Haircuts for Women

The braided bob hairstyle is popular among the African women. The braiding has several advantages like it can protect our hair from the harmful effects of pollution , as you don’t have to comb the hair for several days the hair fall can also be  reduced, hair remains hygienic for several days  and besides all this it looks super stylish. 

 It is believed that the Africans started doing this 2000 years ago , it still remains quite popular . From this only fact it can be clearly concluded that how beneficial this braiding. Although it consumes a lot of time but it is completely worth it.

There are several kinds braiding that has proved to be versatile from time to time, and yet never goes out of fashion. To name a few there is fish tail braids blocky braids tree braids French braids etc.

Be it long hair or short hair braiding has always found its way through. Now even the most popular short hairstyle came with braiding. Here we are talking about the bob cut hairstyles.

The purpose can be protection or for styling braiding is becoming popular in this hairdo as well and is known as short box braids. This look never fails to grasp attention.

To begin with there are several options to achieve short cut. First one is using wigs. Another one is relaxed hair. But it needs quite attention. Finally the last but not the least Short braids. The short braids are protective and trendy at the same time.

A bob can be versatile for all kinds braiding embodiments. These extensions are very much used by black women. They are not as easy as it looks but never fails to impress. 

If taken proper care , they can last long and will eventually look nice. This means regular application of oil and shampoo. To get an authentic look, it can be customized with beads . It looks quite trendy also.

The lob hairstyles can’t be left behind when braiding is there. The lobs are widely popular these days.

Mind that you can always customize it with colors. Caramel and traditional black are some of the colors that can go along with mocca skin tone a lot.

The super trendy short braids bob can readily be converted into updos hairstyles. Half bun, two side buns, double side half buns and low buns can add a new look. The raided buns are popular among youngsters as well as older women because of its trendy look and also because old is new again.

When you are carrying a bob cut it is not always necessary to do fully braiding. Yeah you hear it right. It is another kind of hairstyle equally protective and trendy. So, all you have to do is to braid the back partially leaving the room for spiral curls. The plus point is it does not require long or medium hairs. 

Another short hair braiding can be alfro puff which has gained a lot of attention this days. It could add a fun element in the hair . Well there is nothing great than updated classiscs.

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