A-Line Bob Haircuts for Women

Many women love the bob hairstyle and rightfully so because what’s not to love about a bob hairstyle? Low maintenance, a sharp sleek look and easy to pair with any style, the bob haircut is a fantastic choice for a lot of modern women. Out of all the different variations of the bob cut, and you know there are plenty of variations when we say that, today we’re showcasing one of the most stylish and popular variation today known as the A-line bob.

What is the A-Line Bob?

The A-Line bob cut is a type of type of bob haircut where the hair is cut angled front to back such that the hair on the back ends up at a much shorter length than the hair on the front thereby creating a very stylish look which emphasis the volume and features at the front of your face while giving a look of a short haircut on the back of your mane.

A-line hairstyles are fun, different and stylish. They are even lower maintenance solution than a regular bob haircut because the back is even shorted. This haircut is also marvellous solution for thin haired ladies who fear going with a regular bob cut. 

Just like the bob haircut, the A-Line bob too can sport different lengths. You can either go for longer length A-Line bob which is a the equivalent of a long bob or lob with the back being way longer than the nape length. Or you can go for a shorter length A-Line bob with the back ending just over the nape and making it look like a pixie.

A-Line Bob haircuts are also not restricted by textures and hair patterns. Whether you have curls or straight hair or whether you want to keep your hair straight or layered, the A-Line bob will let you sport it.

The A-Line bob will also help thin haired ladies. If your hair are short in length and are very thin, then you guys can try this look as it will help your hair to get a thick texture. If you are having long thin hair and want to cut them short then you can have a look at the pictures so that you can get some idea on how to give a new look to your short hairstyle.

Women can also opt to get a messy bob haircut. The messy A-Line bobs are trendy these days and also easy to style. If you have wavy hair then his is a very cool haircut and looks good on all face shapes. 

And if you have straight locks but wish to get a messy texture, no need to worry as there are many ways to achieve a messy texture. Just convey the same to your stylist at the salon and they will help you achieve the same either through layers or products.
The amount of styles and options with the A-line bob haircut are endless. From blunt ends to tousled curls, the permutations and combinations are simply too many to name. We’ve attached some of the best styles below. We’ve hope you pick some as inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

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