33 Handsome Burr Cuts for men

When it comes to masculine hairstyles defining one’s manliness, nothing can quite compare to the classic burr cut. Fun fact; also known as the induction cut, the burr cut is part of U.S. Armed Services tradition where every enlisted soldier goes through the process of receiving one!


Now the very mention of a buzz-cut may bring up uncomfortable notions of tennis-ball template heads you had to endure as a kid, but don’t get me wrong; if executed properly on the right face type, it has the potential to boost your masculinity and introduce a dash of personality and contrasting appeal to your image.

The burr cut is characterized by the very shortly cropped hair all around the head, and is created with the intention of achieving a very short, taut, clean and even look all around the head. If you’ve got the right head shape, there’s nothing to stop you from adopting this simple, yet chic hairdo; or rather, the lack of it. 

One of the most popular hairstyles for men all over the world owing to its simplicity and speed of achievement, as well as its unbeatable ease of maintenance, the burr cut is one among a family of hairstyles preferred by the quintessential modern-day man. 

Take note as one shouldn’t confuse this haircut with the butch cut, the buzz cut or the crew cut; both of which may seem somewhat similar at first glance, but clearly offers vivid distinctions upon continued observation. 

The butch is a very similar, yet ever-so-slightly longer version of the burr cut, whilst the buzz cut is an altogether different classification of haircuts referring to all styles which can be maintained with clippers. 

The crew cut—another very popular form of hairstyle for men—is characterized a longer top section as compared to the tapered-off sides and back. 

In contrast to the above, the burr cut is the definition of classic simplicity. It is the shortest haircut out there; where there is no difference in the length of hair all over the head, meaning the hair is a single length around. 

Hence, the jarhead (another colorful term for the burr cut) is a de facto option for men who prefer simplicity and don’t have much time to spare for their morning touch-up rituals. It’s also a standard norm for haircuts in many militaries around the world, if that’s your kind of thing.

Remember; short and clean doesn’t have to mean dull and boring. In an era where everything seems to be moving towards efficiency and maximum utility, it definitely helps to go for a hairstyle that distinctly elevates one’s appeal whilst removing the burden of heavy maintenance, and that dreaded pre-outing date with the bathroom mirror. 

To sum it all up, the burr cut is the ultimate tried and true manifestation of simplistic, cool, military-inspired haircuts which has the potential to amplify your appeal and proportions. 


It’s the perfect fit for the urbanite who dares to brave little hair, or may have a receding hairline, and is confident with his facial proportions. 

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