48 Perfect Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

With the big day approaching you have to keep in mind that the right hairstyle is equally important as the right dress. There is a myriad of hairstyles you can choose from to be sure it will complement your whole look. If you can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down, you can take the best of both in a half up hairstyle. You will keep the elegance of a hair do and a naturalness of loosed hair. It’s a very easy and looks breathtaking in combination with hair accessories such as jewelry, tiara, flowers or bridal veil.

Twists look lovely and are easy to make so you can implement them in your hair do instead of simply securing the top part up. Firstly, curl your hair and make a short central part while teasing the crown. Gather the crown in a ponytail and take small sections of hair on both sides of the head. 

Twist them loosely and wrap around the elastic one above the other. Pull them through it (or use bobby pins). Place another elastic one inch below it and repeat. Curl your hair again if needed and apply some hairspray. Add accessories if you want to make it even more stylish.

To make wonderful twist-and-braid hairstyle start by curling your hair. Part it in the center and section from top toward the ear on both sides. Brush back front sections above forehead and tease them to create some volume and twist it once before securing it with some bobby pins. If you are planning on wearing a tiara, now is the time to place it right in front the teased section.

Now take a small section of hair closest to tiara and French braid it pulling it out on the sides to make it wider. Place it under the twisted section. To the same on the other side and secure both with bobby pins.

Take the section of hair in front the braids on both sides and twist them all the way, pulling it below the braids on the back and securing them. Criss-cross some more sections below them. Take two sections below those criss-crossed parts and make a knot pulling it upward and securing just below those braids and twists.

If you like bigger braids then try out this hairstyle. Curl your hair in a loose and natural curls. Tease the central part of the hair leaving out the sides and pin it in place. Slightly brush it to make it smoother but without brushing out the tease.

Now pick up the hair above the ear on both sides, leaving out a few strands for more relaxed and messier look, and make a Dutch braid out of them, adding some sections on the way to make it fuller. Pull out the outer edges and criss-cross them on the back. Secure with bobby pins. You’re done!

We hope you have a wonderful and memorable day! Below are some more bonus hairstyles for you

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