35 Beautiful Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Being a teenager is never easy. That’s why at least your hairstyle should be the opposite. We guess you don’t have much time to get ready for school. For that reason we will do our best to give you a few ideas in how to make a stylish yet easy hairstyle, that will be appropriate for your classroom as well as going out with friends.

All kinds of braids are super trendy this season, so you can never go wrong with sporting one. They are also very practical as you can make them the night before so you wouldn’t have to get up earlier.

How about a Dutch side braid? It’s not as usual as a regular one but is equally easy and looks stylish.

If you prefer a bit more edgier look, we are sure you are going to favor the cornrow braids. You can braid your whole hair, just one side or only the upper half. It will look amazing anyhow.

When in search for a more formal hairstyle, you should definitely consider putting your hair in a braided crown, maybe complemented with a few buds of flowers if you feel romantic.

Cool knotted braid is another romantic look made with four strand braid, with or without a ribbon added.

For a retro look, perfect during music festivals, you can add a flower crown or buds to your braid. Or you can simply make some beach waves.

Ponytails are always a favorite. They are the easiest go-to when you don’t feel like doing anything with your hair but still want it out of your face. You can elevate it by making one or a few braids on the side of your head. Or you can curl it and wrap a thin braid around the elastic.

In case your hair is thin, you can make it look fuller by braiding the hair around your face. Make sure to pull out the outer sides of the braid upon finishing them to make them look more voluminous.

Sometimes it’s just easiest to put an interesting hair accessory to pull out a cute look. Bows, for example, are always a pretty way to complement your hairstyle.

An ever stylish and cool way to wear your hair is surely a topknot. It’s super easy and quick to make and look good on anyone. Braided low bun is another top ranked hairstyle among your peers. You can even wear it to the prom or some other formal occasion without looking too adult.


Fishtail or waterfall braids look complicated but can be made quite easily, even though it might take some time to master it. If you admire daring Mohawks you can create a similar look by braiding the section above your forehead to the crown and secure it with a effortless knot. It looks cool and works well on shorter hair as well.

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