33 Front braids hairstyle for women

Beside all kinds of buns, braids are the other most popular hairstyle. You can achieve so many looks, casual as well as formal by braiding your hair in all types of braids.

Most of them are quite easy and are definitely worth learning to make. They can be worn messy or sleek, tight or loose and work well on any hair texture and length. It’s a trendy way to replace your ponytail and bun or to complement it. 

Here are some of our suggestions.

Braided headband can be made either out if one braid or two, depending on whether you prefer it to be wider or smaller. To start, take a section of hair behind your ear (on both sides if you choose to make two braids) and pin it out of the way. 

Apply some dry shampoo or volume mousse to get more texture and tease the top part of your hair for the same reason. Now take those sections and make a braid out of them. 

Make sure to brush them out before you braid them to be smooth and pull out the sides to make it thicker. Place them over your head and secure with bobby pins. 

Waterfall braids are a cute hairstyle for girls as well as women. This time we are going to make it even easier for you. We will show you how to transform a regular braid to a waterfall. 

So, start with parting your hair on the side really deep, somewhere in the line with the end of the brow. Take a medium sized section (let’s say, three fingers in width) and make a regular braid just not too tight. Secure it with a small elastic. 

Now take the outside edge of the first stitch and pull it to make a loop through which you will pull a small section of hair from the forehead. Repeat to the end. Brush the section toward the back the head and tease them to stay in place. Tuck in the end of the braid on the side to hide it.

To make a four strand headband part your hair on the side and down about an inch above the ear. Secure the rest of the hair out of the way. Take a section above the  and divide it into four pieces. Number them from 1-4 starting with the far left. 

With part no.1 go under two and over three. Now take no.4 and go over no.3 and under no.2. Simply remember that left side section will always go under and then over sections and the right side sections will always go over and then under.

Add some more hair every time you get to the outer sections. Section no.3 will stay ribbon-like through the center of the braid. When you run out of hair, continue a regular 4-strand braid in the same manner. Secure with the elastic but before you tuck it in pull out the left outer edge. Voila!

Below are few more additional front braid hairstyles and patterns displayed for you.

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