17 French Curl Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle really comes in handy when you need to get your hair out of your face, or if you want to hold your hair up in a hot day but don’t want to deal with the whole messy bun situation.

These tips and recommendations on how to style a French curl can really serve a purpose and help you even turn this into you everyday look.

A lot of celebrities have chosen this look for several red carpets, but what is really great about it is that you can spice it up however you want, and really work with it to be real to your taste. You should also take into account what occasion you’ll wear this to.

If you’re heading to a red carpet, try to keep it really knit and up. But you can also give it a little messier appearance with out it looking like you teased your entire head.

When goingfor a little more casual look you can give it a little bit of a messier look too, and it will still keep your hair up and make it look a little bit more time consuming.

There are different ways in which you can spice up this really simple updo. Braids, for example are one of the easiest things you can put into this hairstyle, and it will automatically make you look a lot classier look. 

Fishtail, French, Dutch, four-strand, three-strand, you name it! There are infinite possibilities to go for and it will always give you a really classy and put together result.

This hairstyle success can also depend on how clean your hair is. As you may know second day hair is always the best to keep a hairstyle in place, and this one is not the exception. 

You can obviously do this with clean hair, but you may have to bobby-pin it a lot tighter if you want this look to last all day. But also, when you have second day hair your main goal is to avoid it looking greasy, so it’s really your choice.

Another thing you can do is add some hair clips with cute designs on them. A flower crown is also a great and simple idea to make this a more formal and cute look. Any type of hair accessory that you can put on will turn this into a really time consuming. 

Please put in practice this little tips and ideas so you can look better each time. Confidence is key when trying new hairstyles, and the important thing is to never forget that. Don’t ever thing you must look a certain way, since you’re your own judge and you make the decision on what to wear. Changing the way you style your hair is always a good self-esteem boost. 

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