49 Formal Updo Hairstyles

Whether you have an important business dinner, prom, or an award show (if so, I’m really jealous BTW) an updo is always the best way to go.

A lot of people like to wear this to other sorts of events, and truth be told it is a kind of hairstyle that can be worn to a lot of places without looking too elegant. 

There are different variations from it: Braided, buns, with headbands, messy and knit (just to give some examples).

A great benefit to updos is that you don’t have to have short/long hair to create a cute yet classy look. 

Another plus (that I think every person that has long hair will be thankful for) is that they get the hair out of you face. They also don’t discriminate in hair color, since it looks amazing in brunettes as it does in blondes. 

Although you can wear this to several occasions, you should take into account something. A more knit at tight look could look better if you were going to something really formal and classy, since it looks more prepared and really dedicated.

If you’re going to go for a messier look, this can be more oriented towards a prom type of evening, since you’ll be dancing a lot you should spend too much time and money in your hair, yet you still would want to look presentable.

What you are wearing plays a major role in deciding what to do with your hair, since you don’t want to overload the complete look. 

On the first hand, if you’re wearing a dress/suit that has a lot of details (like jewelry), you maybe want to try and keep your hair really simple.

In the other hand, if you’re using something more simple that maybe has only one color and no special pattern, you can bring up the attention to your hair and give it a little bit more of styling and dedication.

This is just a guide for you to keep the eyes of everyone else on you, as soon as you enter the venue. Try to keep it a bit real to yourself; don’t use too many hair-drying products with a lot of chemicals.

Also keep it natural, without adding so much stuff that you feel your head 3 pounds heavier.

If you do follow these tips and tricks, please make sure to make all your time and effort worth it by taking lots of pictures and creating good memories wherever you are. 

You can share that confidence with the world and let them now that hairstyles shouldn’t discriminate in the type of hair. Get you bobby pins and hair elastics, and try to have some fun with it! 

Below is an exhaustive list of more formal updos hairstyles for you ladies whether it be for work, wedding or any other formal occasion. Have fun going through the interesting styles. 

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