42 Smart Formal Hairstyles For Men

When it comes to formal men hairstyles they can be smooth and sleek or wavy and curly but they have to be neat, no matter the length.

We believe that you already know how a careless hairstyle, a truly careless, can ruin your whole appearance, while a good one, seemingly effortless can complement it. 

If you have short hair you might want to try smooth and sleek hairstyle. It is classical, conservative and always trendy as it gives out that ever masculine look. 

To achieve it, visit a hairstylist a week before the big event and have your hair at the sides and back cut neatly short, but leave the top layers more spiky for balance. 

Apply a little hair gel all over and use the comb to brush the sides back and down. Then, slightly brush upwards the front part. In case you don’t like that your hair is too short, you can try a little longer style but still shorter than mid length.

Seemingly effortless style always looks attractive. For this look you will need a mousse over the entire head and a brush to brush it through afterwards, just be careful not to apply too much of the product. The whole point is that it all looks natural. 

When it comes to mid length hair we recommend that you choose between swept back or a side part hairstyle. A swept back requires little bit more effort as well as products.

You should comb a styling cream through a wet hair, then blow-dry it using a paddle brush to lift it up and back to get some volume. Finish off with a hairspray. 

Side part is one of those timeless and most flattering formal hairstyles, although people with high forehead should avoid it. To create it you need only a comb and a pomade. 

Work a little product through hair and part sharply with the comb in line with the inner corner of your eye. Make a slight lift in front with the comb and sleek the sides. 

Curly hair can be tricky to deal with, especially in hot, humid weather. Having that in mind the best hairstyle is probably short all over.

Apply a hair gel evenly on a wet hair and arrange the curls with your fingers. Let your hair dry naturally. You will achieve a shiny and healthy looking hair effortlessly. 

The important thing to keep in mind while preparing for the big event is to try on everything you plan to wear, your wardrobe as well as your hairstyle. 

When it comes to hair, as you will definitely need to apply some product to keep it in place, make sure that you start with a really tiny amount and then add some more if needed, so you wouldn’t end up all glossy.

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