51 Pretty Emma Watson Hairstyles

This beautiful and multi-talented woman despite her skills as an actress, she also has great style in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup.

Today, you’ll have a walk through the basic concept of Watson’s great hairstyle choices, as to also give you some inspiration in what you can do to spice up your hair no matter what shape/length it is.

Braiding is something that it’s not that often in her hairstyles, yet every time she does that in a really nice updo or a simple full head plait it makes everyone jealous. 

She tries to keep things really simple and real to herself, since she hasn’t dyed her hair in a bright color, or look really messy and unpolished in red carpet event.

Another plus to the really easy hairstyles that she wears is that you don’t need a lot of tools or accessories to achieve the looks. 

The great thing about these hairstyles is that you can play with it and adjust any of these to your preferences and you can dress this up or down, depending on the occasion.

An advice that you should take from Watson is that your wardrobe is a huge clue to what your hairstyle will be. 

For example, when going out to something really casual like bowling or the cinema, a loose braid is the way to go: it keeps the hair out of your face but really frames your face and makes you look cute and uncomplicated. 

But, if you were going to a more elegant event, an updo or a straight hair with the front pieces pinned at the back look can help you when in a hurry. These haristyles can also be accessorized however you want. 

An example of this would be the fact that it’s different to wear a dress to an award show than it is to put on a pant suit for a business meeting, yet this particular way of styling your hair will do the trick for those two situations.

You’ll probably remember that time right before the release of the last Harry Potter movie, when Watson decided to go for a pixie crop and everyone was shocked with the drastic change.

But, it didn’t really matter since she looked flawless in whatever she did to her hair! Even after she was growing it into a bob, she did braids and everything she used to do with her longer hair. 

That just proves that no matter what type of hair you have, the important thing here is to walk out the door every day with confidence and feeling happy about what you did.  

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