49 Dazzling Emma Stone Hairstyles

Such a talented, successful and gorgeous actress has to always look great in any event, especially when paparazzi are always all over the place taking pictures whenever they get the chance.

Emma Stone is definitely a great role model in all of the great aspects of her personality. She has also a beautiful hair, which you’ve seen evolve throughout the years. In this article we will describe her most iconic and breath-taking looks. 

She is a really big fan of natural looks. And she really doesn’t go for the updo idea that often, yet these look amazing on her. She has rocked the bangs since 2006 and she worked with them growing and chopping them off ever since. 

She is not really into pulling her hair back, so she works with her mid-length hair and always has a glamorous look.

In terms of color, she has been in the medium blond, then a dark red, then really blonde and finally a more copper color. In more general terms, she is really not complicated at all when it comes to her styling. 

Emma is really into having a healthy and hydrated hair, which is really evident in every single picture you’ve seen. Her face just goes along really well with more subtle colors. 

Braids are not that common in her past looks, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done them at least twice. And, it’s correct to say that she looks great. 

Stone’s hairstyles don’t go to the messier side, since it normally consists of that Hollywood waves or a really straight do. Accessories are not major for her, yet sometimes she uses them to compliment the outfits she’s wearing for the occasion.

Her hair is not that thin, but not too thick either. That’s why this really easy looks seem really knit and put together. She also has never tried to do something wild like dyeing it a bright color or chopped it off Emma Watson 2010 style. 

Another plus to her way of treating her hair is that her skin tone is really pail, and it helps her to have simpler ways to style and complement her hair do with her outfits.

She’s a true believer that people who are confident look more attractive to others, so why not start doing it! No matter what she’s wearing, you’ll always see her smile to the camera as if it was 2006 all over again. 

She’s also a great source of inspiration for other girls to try and keep things really simple and don’t spend hours in front of the mirror with 5 different hot tools to feel beautiful. Her lesson to others is to work with what you have, don’t try to change it and embrace it every single day. 

Below is an exhaustive list of various hairstyles and hair colors Emma Stone has rocked in the hollywood over the years. 

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