33 Stunning Demi Moore Hairstyles

A signature Demi Moore hairstyles include is her central parted, long and sleek hair. In addition to that she has a thick and super healthy hair which is a result of good genes and healthy diet as much as a careful handling.

She has managed to successfully pull out a whole variety of hairstyles over the years.

Her first appearance featured a short blunt crop. It consists of tapered hair at the sides and back while top is cut in layers which add volume. The fringes are razor cut and swept aside.

Few years later she surprised the public by going completely bald and then wowed it again with her waist-length sleek hair. In between she has also sported a short and spiky blonde hair, long straight hair with chopped bangs, short bob and long, sexy beach waves.

If you are aiming to imitate her long hair look you should pay a close attention to the health of your hair. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when washing it.

A first step in achieving or maintaining a healthy hair is a use of a proper shampoo. Apply a tangle-free shampoo or, if your hair is severely damaged, some moisturizing products with it. While doing so, don’t pile your hair up on top of your head but rather keep it flat throughout the whole process of washing.

That will help to protect the hair from breakage. Lather the shampoo on your scalp and work it down the hair. Remember to use a detangling conditioner as well and brush it through the hair to spread it evenly.

Before blow drying in a low heat, press your hair with a towel moving down the whole length and apply heat protector. Dry it with your hairdryer pointed downwards as it will make it straight and without frizz as you brush it. Style and straighten your hair with a brush or a flat iron if necessary, but remember that your main goal is to keep your hair looking healthy so avoid the high temperature as much as you can.

Most recently she was noticed in public showing a few naturally gray hairs which brought up a discussion whether that should be welcomed or judged. We have been accustomed that celebrities always have perfect hair and makeup but we often forget that they are just people, prone to aging and not feeling in a mood for dress up.

Maybe it will become a new trend for them to embrace their humanity and enjoy the wisdom of their age. Of course, some people think they should strive to be remembered as we used to see them on the stage or screen. After all, some of them left a permanent print on reality as we know it.

Below are some more beautiful hairstyles Demi Moore has rocked over the years

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