33 Stunning Demi Moore Hairstyles

A signature Demi Moore hairstyle is her gorgeous middle parted, long and sleek hair. This beautiful lass that always steals hearts when she steps on the red carpets, is known for her signature long hairstyle. But if you think that’s the only style she has rocked, then you are mistaken. There are plenty of shorter and longer styles she’s rocked over the years and today we are going to cover it in this article. In addition to that she has a thick and super healthy hair which is a result of good genes and healthy diet as much as a careful handling.

Her first appearance featured a short blunt crop. It consists of tapered hair at the sides and back while the top is cut in layers which adds volume. The fringes are razor cut and swept aside.

Few years later she surprised the public by going completely bald and then wowed then over time again gravitated back to her waist-length sleek hair. In between she has also sported a short and spiky blonde haircut, long straight hair with chopped bangs, short bob and long, sexy beach waves.

If you are aiming to imitate her long hair look you should pay a close attention to the health of your hair. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when washing it.

A first step in achieving or maintaining healthy hair is to use of a proper shampoo and moisturiser and Demi herself emphasis on the moisturiser and how quintessential it is to her hair care routine. She says she also avoids drinking alcohol which is a great choice for overall health too.

Good use of moisturiser and conditioners will help prevent the hair from getting tangled or breakage. Remember to use a detangling conditioner as well and brush it through the hair to spread it evenly.

Some women who are not blessed with perfectly straight hair with just the right amount of curls might have to use blow dryers, curling irons and might even need a brazilian blowout to get it just right

Demi is well over her 50s and is approaching her 60s now despite her not showing it on her skin much. We have been accustomed to feel celebrities always have perfect hair and makeup but we often forget that they are just people and prone to ageing. But so was not the case with Demi. She was seen sporting some natural gray strands proudly, which is completely normal for her age.

Demi over the years has sported everything from boyish bangs to the tied back pompadours. She is really not afraid to experiment with her styles and blessed with such good genes, she makes every style look just as fabulous.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. As a bonus, below are some more beautiful hairstyles Demi Moore has rocked over the years

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