29 Easy & Cute Bun Hairstyles For Girls

Buns are super popular this year, whether it’s low or high, sleek or messy. That’s probably because with buns you can’t go wrong. They can be casual as well as formal, great for school or office, practical, and above all easy to make and suit all ages and hair types.

One more plus side is that it’s a perfect hairstyle for a second day hair or a humid weather when a hair tends to get frizzy. They are also very desirable during summer as they keep your hair off your neck and face. Luckily, there are so many variations you can choose from so you never get bored wearing one type of bun.

Let’s check some of the easy and cute buns you can make yourself in just a few minutes.

Cotton candy bun might be the easiest as it is most similar to the regular sleek top knot. To make it, secure your hair in a high and sleek ponytail, apply some hair spray or dry shampoo and start teasing it in sections to get extra texture.

When you are done, twist it around the elastic and secure with some bobby pins. Make sure not to make it too tight and sleek as it’s supposed to look fluffy. This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair as it will appear voluminous.

Low bun can be made more interesting with criss-cross sections. Start with a low ponytail leaving out two front sections on both sides, and twist your hair in a bun around the elastic securing it with bobby pins.

Take one of those front sections, pull it back and above the bun over the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin underneath the bun. Do the same with the other section placing it over the first one and securing underneath on the opposite side. Voila!

Braids are another trendy hairstyle this season, so here is how you can combine those two. To make a braided bun, start with teasing your crown to add some texture and secure the hair in a ponytail. Divide it in two sections and make a regular tree-sections braid out of each one.

Pull out the outer sides of them to make them more voluminous, and twist the first one around the elastic to make a bun. Repeat with the other one. Secure with bobby pins and add some hair accessory if you please. 

If you like your braid to be more visible, you can try out a bun with a back braid. Simply bend over and flip your hair. Braid your hair in a Dutch braid or a fishtail to the top of your head. Gather it in a high ponytail, tuck in the ends and roll it inward to the elastic and make a bun. Secure with bobby pins and you are ready to go!

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