76 Cute Braided Hairstyles For Girls

Whether you are thinking of changing your regular hair routine or looking for an occasional change of style or a cute and stylish hair do, braids are definitely a go. There are so many variables on how, where and how many to make that it’s absolutely terrific!

You can wear them casually, on a formal event, at school or party. Even in office, if you keep it simple and neat. They suit any type of hair, don’t require some advanced skills and are a true life saver for a second day hair or a bad hair day.

Here are our suggestions for a try out. 

If you feel edgy and like asymmetric cuts, but aren’t really into cutting your hair, be sure to try a tight side braid. It is basically a regular braid but placed on one side with a side part. It creates a very dramatic look while keeping things simple. You won’t need more than a few minutes to create it so it’s perfect when you are running late.

If you are aiming at a timeless look you will want to make a side-swept fishtail. It’s a messier, softer look intended to look voluminous and effortless. To make it just put your hair on one side but don’t grip it too tightly and simply create a classic fishtail braid.

If it’s falling apart too much you can secure it with an elastic at the base. Pull out a few strands around your face and tug the sides of the braid to loosen it and get more volume.

While we are at the side braids, twist and wrap braid is also an interesting and creative way to incorporate a braided hairstyle. It may look complicated but is actually quite easy to make.

Start like you are creating a basic side ponytail braid but pull out one section of hair and wrap it around the elastic at the base. Make a few braiding moves, secure with elastic and pull out another section of hair to wrap around it. Continue in that manner until the end. As simple as that!

As braids are such a hot trend this season, many celebrities wore it on the red carpet as well. Think of, for example, crown braid. To create it firstly part your hair down the center. Then start Dutch braiding your hair on the left side at the nape and continue along your hairline. When all of your hair is done, tuck in the ends under the braid.

Another trendy and stylish look is achieved with a waterfall braid. Like in French braiding you will start with three sections but drop the outermost section instead of crossing it over.

The best part about braids is that you can combine them with low buns, top knots, ponytails or even other types of braids. Or you might want to experiment with the placement of the braids. In any case, you will surely have fun and be fashionable in the process.

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