32 Fantastic Bun Hairstyles For Men

Looking back to when this trend first started, we can see the exponential growth that the man bun has had. There are only two opinions on it: Either you love them, or you hate them.

If you’re really into this trend, then keep on reading; here are some tips on styling your man bun, what products you can use, and when it is more optimal to try and do a bun.

Depending on your haircut, the volume of your bun will vary. For example, if the hair along the sides has been trimmed, you shall only use the top part to create a simple and stylish bun.

If your hair has grown evenly and is about 9” long, that means your man bun will have a decent amount of volume.

A good thing about buns in general, is that they don’t discriminate in hair shapes. You can also spice it up however you want, and it will never really let you down.

Normally, when placing your bun you’ll want to look for a height that’s not too high yet not too low. Unless you like to give former The Weeknd hair vibes, make sure you place your bun really centered over your head.

About products, if you really want to define that look a good recommendation is a conditioner since it gives a great texture to the hair and makes it more manageable.

Obviously, your best friends here are the elastic bands, who will support your hair no matter the quantity. A lot of men like to also use a headband to pull back those hairs that didn’t quite make it to the bun.

Something sort of original that has been floating through social media is: braiding! As said, some men like to braid their hair before turning that into buns; and it is an idea that even if it sounds a little odd, gives great results.

You can give this a try and see what you think. Also try different braids to see if one of them starts growing on you, which it probably will.

As this bun trend was mainly used by girls, you can get some advice on styling from them. They can even help you with the braiding and suggest different variations of them so it suits you.

As they’ve struggled with this before, they have much more experience in how to come out with different looks from one single, general style.

Remember, no hair length= no man bun. If your hair hasn’t grown that much, what you’ll end up with is a semi-bun or a really high mini ponytail.

You will have to be really patient in order to achieve great results. Just calmly wait, and before you know it you’ll be able to rock that man bun like it’s no one’s business!

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