46 Bun hairstyles for Curly hair

Girls understand the struggle of styling natural curly hair. Even washing it is a nightmare sometimes, when it just doesn’t cooperate. And it can take you 15+ minutes to be satisfied with a styling choice out of the 20 you tried during that time, which can cause you to be late for school/work.

To save you some time in the morning (or any time of the day), here are some of the best tips and ideas to put your hair up in a bun and vary it so you’ll have one for every day of the week, and more.

For a starter, don’t be afraid to tease it! Having curly hair give you an advantage in terms of volume for the buns, but if you don’t have a lot of hair or it is very thin you might want to consider teasing it a little to really give it an outstanding look. 

Braiding is something curly haired women don’t do often since ‘you can barely see it’ or ‘it takes forever to make because the strands of hair tangle very quickly’. Here’s a quick tip: Wet your hair using your hands or a spray bottle so it’s easier for you to twist each sections to create the braid.

Just because your hair sometimes won’t stay all in the ponytail doesn’t mean you look like a mess. Having a messy look can be beneficial to your face as long as you style it the right way.

You can use a styling cream to define those rebel curls that won’t pull back out of your face. You can even incorporate a really loose braid to the entire bun situation, to give it a little bit more time consuming look. And why not put a half-up half-down look in the mix!

Don’t feel bad because other girls have a better time doing specific hairstyles and it just takes you a bit more time. Embrace your curls and avoid using hot tools to have a similar shape to theirs.

Instead, use natural oils and hydrating treatments to keep it beautiful and ready to be put into a bun. It will benefit both your look and avoid any future damage.

Finally, is important to acknowledge that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the look you want. It normally takes a lot of patience and practice, so don’t give up! You should also take into account that hair in general faces a lot of environmental changes.

In hotter and wetter places around the globe, girl hair kind of puffs up and makes it less manageable, so try not panic and be happy with the type of hair you came to this world with!

Below are some more bonus hairstyles for you

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