56 Latest Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever thought how boring your brunette hair is? Do you think that blonder or darker shades attract more attention and look so bold? Well, think again!

There is such an amazing myriad of colors that are based on a brunette color.

It can get dimension with highlights or ombre, or change from honey to chestnut or tinted red. The options are limitless and equally beautiful! Brunette color itself is sophisticated and never overly emphasized but is makes a wonderful balance between dark and light hair color. Also, due to its diversity it looks good on any skin tone.

In order to help you find your perfect shade, we have made a table suggesting the skin tone and eye color it works best with.

So, if you are looking for a stylish way to dye your hair check our table and tips below before choosing your shade.

If your hair is dark brown and you want to try out a lighter brown color there is two options. In any case, we suggest going to a stylist for best results

Most dark hair have warm pigment which is noticed once the ammonia is applied to a hair for lightening. Which is great if you want a golden or red brown shade of hair. But, if you want a cooler shade, such as sandy or ashy brown, your hair will have to be toned with a cool shade to neutralize it.

Another option is to apply a lot of fine highlights as they will make your hair lighter without dying it whole. 

In case you are a natural brunette but have dyed your hair blonde we strongly suggest that you don’t dye your hair in brown by yourself. If you do so, the ending result may be lifeless or even greenish hair. The cause of that is the removal of golden and red tones for a blond look. So, visit a stylist. He will know what to do to make you pleased with the results.

Peachy, golden
Brown, green, hazel
Golden brown
Light green, light blue
Honey brown, cocoa
Golden, warm
Warm brown
Light or dark caramel brown
Cool, light
Light blue, light green
Sandy brown
Dark, olive
Dark chocolate
Light blue, brown
Light or dark ash brown
Fair, medium, pink, peach, neutral
Brown, blue, green
Dark brown copper
Pink, peach, golden – any tone
Green, brown, hazel
Cinnamon brown
Fair/ medium cool, neutral, olive
Cool brown, green or blue
Dark brown auburn, Chocolate Cherry brown
Fair, warm
Light brown copper
Light, medium
Green, brown
Milk chocolate
Pink, peachy
Brown, green
Red brown
Warm brown, green
Cappuccino brown
Most, avoid if yellow
Brown, green
Fair, medium, olive
Warm brown, green, blue
Cool fair, medium
Cool brown, blue
Plum brown
Warm brown
Mahogany brown

The rest of the section is more styles, colors and inspiration for you brown haired ladies. Have fun!

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