43 Ways To Style Braids for Long Haired Women

Having this kind of hair length is a blessing for some people, and a curse to others; it all depends on how you take care of it and how you style it.

Braids are a great way to style your long hair and give it a little bit more variety than just leaving it as it is. They also enhance hair growth and overnight they can give you some great beach waves.

Here are some tips and tricks to give a complete makeover to that long mane of yours.

Start with the basics. Go ahead and practice some basic three-stranded or fishtail braids to get the hang of it. A waterfall braid is a great idea for long hair, since it that sort of mermaid hairstyle that looks good on every hair type.

Then, try to progress and do something more difficult like a French or Deutsch braid, which will require more and more practice to achieve the results you want.

On terms of how many hair you should use, it’s completely up to you. A half-up half-down looks really cute, but as it doesn’t grab all your hair, it can be a little annoying if you move a lot and it gets all over your face.

You can also mix different hairstyles into one. For example, a French braid ‘till the half of your head that then becomes a pony tail is a really sporty and easy look!

Now, let’s talk about products. Your best friend here can be some texturizing spray or dry shampoo if you want more volume to your hair. You’ll normally use these products for second-day hair or to make a really big bun.

Now there are several options for you to choose from, even some that match you hair color so it doesn’t look like you have dirt over your scalp.

Bobby pins are another must; they come in different sizes and several colors, so you can make them part of the hairstyle. Hair elastics are another life saver.

For blondes there are some clear ones, and for brunettes brownish-black elastics will do the job. What you can always do is hide the elastic with a piece of hair, which will give your braids a more classy finish.

Due to the length of your hair, at the beginning it can be a little time consuming, yet the final style makes all the effort worth it. Braids are so versatile and easy to do that you can mix two types of braids into one hairstyle and it will look flawless.

If you follow these tips, there isn’t a change that you’ll go back to brushing your hair 5 times a day so you can keep that knit and clean look that goes away once the wind blows.

Below are some more braided hairstyles for long hair. Happy hair twisting!

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