54 Beautiful Bella Thorne Hairstyles

The former ‘Shake It Up’ star has done a lot of different things with her hair: dyed, layers, bangs, you name it. But she always manages to look great on any event.

Some of the hairstyle choices are memorable, and it’s fair to remember them every once in a while. Here are the trends that we’ve seen lately on the gorgeous Bella Thorne.

First is the color. You’ve all seen the basic red-headed that dance on the Disney Channel years ago. This past year she has been having fun with the ends of her hair: she did blonde ends, rainbow and even light green ones.

She even give a kind of blond more clear color to her hair, and also went the other way and dyed it completely blue.

The accessories are another plus to her gorgeous style. She does little things like putting some rings into her Dutch braids, or cute hair clips with half-up half-down looks.

Another thing she rocks most of the time is the bun, in all of its variations: the two space buns, the really high top knot, as well as the low bun that you know you’ve worn several times.

She can pull off any kind of hair shape you can imagine: wavy, straight, curled… even crimped! An updo is something she really likes to wear specially for red carpets and that kind of events.

Braided, really knit and combed through, messy, etc. The good thing about her style is that you don’t have to have a specific length/shape of hair; you can give it your personal touch.

The gorgeous model has shown that you can dressed and style your hair however you want, as long as you are confident and comfortable with what you have. She has her own style: It can be really sophisticated once, but also sporty and comfortable sometimes.

What you can learn from it is that you should stick to being yourself, as long as you feel comfortable. Bella is a great role model in lots of ways, but her hair is a great way to follow. Hope this might have given you some tips on how to vary your hair game and look amazing everyday.

Celebrities are one of those kind of people you can always look up to when you next inspiration, and you can just look at some pictures to have more ideas.

Try to be real to what you are and let your imagination fly freely, and recreate some of her best looks! You can mix it up however you’d like, as well as adding more stuff to it, or being as basic and simple as you want, which is never a bad thing.

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