35 New Beige Blonde hair color ideas

You might have wondered what you’d look like with another hair color, especially if you’re a brunette. Even if your hair is naturally clear, you can suddenly want to paint it with a totally different color.

A lot of people go for the beige blonde, because it’s not too yellow, yet it doesn’t look too mature. That change from brown to beige is kind of radical, and some people regret it immediately afterwards and since it won’t get off with just one shower, there are some things you should be taking into account before going all the way from brunette to blonde in a blink.

First of all, take some time to go different stores and look for the best brands in the market. Some brands are specialized in different types of hair, in terms of thickness and damage control.

You can even read some reviews on the product, as well as trying to keep it very real. If some dye says it would last on your hair more than 2 months on a hair washed often, it’s probably a lie.

Make sure that you have read the instructions clearly and that you make an allergy test before doing it. Another great thing you can do is read the products it has before actually purchasing it. If you can identify any of them, is better to avoid having a bad time trying to change the way you look.

Any shade of blonde or light colored hair takes up a lot of maintenance and love. Make sure you’re also willing to spend a significant amount of money in maintaining that gorgeous color.

Since you bleached and/or dyed your hair, there’s going to be some damage; try to use treatments that help to repair damage, and there also ones that are special for colored hair!

If you’re still not sure about the procedures and how to take care of it, consult a professional for that matter. He would tell you, according to your hair type what product suits you the best, as well as what special tasks you’ll have to include in your everyday life in order to keep it healthy and colorful.

Unless you’ve done this before, is always better to get someone else opinion or feedback on a product or technique so you can keep it healthy and beautiful all day, everyday.

You might also want to give this more though than just waking up one day and deciding you’re going to go blonde. Just try to play it safe and not damage your hair unnecessarily. Applying this tips, there’s a bigger chance you can actually get the result that you want, as well as keeping the color longer!

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