38 Interesting Beard Styles For Men

Just like your hairstyle affects your image, the same is true with a type of beard. Unless of course you go for clean shave. But we all know that can get uncomfortable and irritate your skin after some time. Also, change is good. Why wouldn’t you try something different from time to time. After all, you can always shave it again if you don’t like how it looks.

As you are considering changing your beard style, keep in mind that due to your distinct facial features what looks good on others doesn’t have to look good on yourself. Fortunately, you have many styles to choose from that will consider your face shape, color and texture of your beard.

Also, if you are planning on growing it long you should be prepared on waiting and patiently go through different phases as you will probably look unkempt unless you make the best of it and try out a different styles in the process. Here are some of those you can try on.

If you have narrow chin, such as Robert Downey Jr. for example, you should definitely try on his balbo style. He has been wearing for years now and it has never let him down.

You should have a thick beard to pull out this style properly so you might need to grow a full beard first in order to achieve it, and you will need a straight razor to shape it. 
Van Dyke is another mix of goatee and mustache that is stylish and attractive. To achieve it leave the mustache and shave everything else except an inverted T on the chin area. Grow it to about 2 inches.

Bandholz is another popular style named by the founder of Beardbrand (shop for high-quality products and tools for maintaining beards). 

It matches any face shape except round and is great since you don’t have to do anything with your beard for months as you let it grow naturally. After that you can slightly shape it or not, as you wish. It’s not popular in the corporate world though.

For oval and round face shapes circle or “standard” beard might be best, as it allows you to look presentable while still keeping the beard. It is a combination of a mustache and a round goatee. 

You might need a stylist for the first time shaping of a circle but later on you can easily maintain it yourself. If your face is square you will probably suit extended goatee more.

Full beard is considered the manliest and most popular style among men. It accentuates your features and suits best for the diamond, triangle and inverted triangle face shapes. Stop shaving for about 2 months and trim right after.

If you are not sure about your face shape or don’t like too much of experimenting you can’t go wrong with a stubble – short, medium or long.

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