47 Cool Hairstyles For Straight Hair Men

If you have straight hair, you can wear a whole variety of hairstyles and always look awesome! Whether you want to achieve a polished look with a slick back or an impressive faux hawk you can never choose wrong with any of the hottest trends in men’s hairstyles. 

The best thing about straight hair is minimum maintenance as it never gets frizzy and is quite easy to work with. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with bleach or color for a unique look!

Whichever hairstyle you like be sure to check first with a hairstylist as he will take into consideration your hair type, texture, volume and face shape, which is essential in choosing the right cut for you.

As one could expect, there is more to play with if you have longer hair but even if you don’t you will be surprised how many astonishing hairstyles there is for you!

If you prefer a classical look such as crew cut or side part but want something slightly different you can try out an angular fringe with short sides.

If your hair is thick or you want to add volume to it go for a thick top and high bald fade. What if you want to accent your beard but still have a stylish hair? 
Wear a simple hard side part or angular brush back with short sides. You will achieve a polished look in no time! Plus it’s super easy to make so you don’t waste a lot of time preparing to go out. 
Like a bit more daring hairstyles? Consider high fade with a thick textured spikes or shaved sides with Mohawk. You can even add some highlights for an amazing effect. Or, think about fabulous pompadour with low bald fade and line up! 
If you are a more romantic soul and don’t prefer looking too striking put up a messy brushed up hair. Maybe with short sides? Add some highlights to complement this look. It looks great if you have a lighter hair and short beard. 
Girl will most definitely be standing in a rows at your door! For more edgy look, you can try out undercut with long fringe or mid fade with shape up and combed over pomp. 
Don’t like your hair brushed up? Stick to drop fade with short fringe! If you wear shorter hair try out a Caesar cut with bald fade or short spiky hair. 
For a Viking look, we guess you wear a think and long bear so we recommend that you try a slicked back pompadour with high fade.

Let’s not forget about the manly ponytails, if you have longer hair. 

It is a simple and quick alternative if you don’t like or don’t have time to blow-dry your hair. You can wear it with a variety of styles so go ahead and try out a different ones! 

Here are few more bonus hairstyles for straight haired men



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